HiPP Porridge Pouches

Erin LOVES breakfast and I try to make sure she has something different every day of the week. Eating breakfast at home is no problem at all as we always have everything to hand. Generally, Erin has some kind of porridge most days of the week because it’s easy and we know she likes it. However, sometimes when we go away for a couple of days or overnight, I want something quick and easy to take with us. HiPP Organic have recently released three porridge pouches; apple and peach, fruity and pear, apple and apricot. The porridge pouches can be eaten

HiPP Organic Free From Bath Range

Last week we got the exciting news about becoming a HiPP Organic Ambassador! I was so excited to receive the email and to find out about an exciting, mystery package that would be heading our way. HiPP Organic have very recently, only 2 days ago in fact, released a brand new free from baby care range! Erin and I were lucky enough to trial some of the new items before they hit the shops. As you can see from the pictures, Erin was VERY interested in the packaging and the envelope! HiPP’s new free from range is suitable from the very first