How to throw an American themed party

Last year my sister got engaged and is planning on getting married in New York. John and I got married in Florida. It would seem that weddings in our family only happen in America now! John and I had a big party when we got home but I kind of wish it had been American themed. Maybe I can talk my sister into doing this instead though! Food American food is probably one of the easiest ways to go for party food because there are so many options. Food could be themed around an American holiday such as Thanksgiving with

Party Bags and Supplies Review

When I started planning Erin’s 1st birthday party I was determined to have a theme. I don’t know why. I just wanted to. The woman who was doing the entertainment could do something on a theme as well and I figured that a farm theme would suit everyone, with it being unisex! We were lucky enough to have some help from Party Bags and Supplies when it came to tableware and party accessories! We were totally kitted out with items from the Farm Friends theme. It all started with some proper party invitations! I know a lot of this can be done

A Farm Themed Birthday Party

AD | Post contains gifted items I don’t really remember having birthday parties as a child. I do, however, remember my sister’s party at McDonald’s with the big pirate ship that I was insanely jealous about. Well, until I hit my head on that pirate ship anyway. Erin was always going to be having a birthday party, whether she’d remember it or not. As this was her 1st birthday, I wanted to do something that was fun for everyone. We have been going to a class called Music in Motion now and Erin loves it. The woman who runs that