Paw Patrol Puzzles From Ravensburger

For as long as I can remember Erin has loved Paw Patrol. It was the first cartoon she ever liked and she still loves it now she’s nearly 3. We’re not quite yet at the stage where Erin wants to play with the expensive figures and sets so we’re always on the look out for something else Paw Patrol themed for her to play with. Ravensburger recently sent us the Paw Patrol 4 x Large Shaped Puzzles in a Box for Erin to try though and here’s what we thought of them! The puzzles come very simply packaged in only a

15 Unanswered Questions About Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is Erin’s absolutely favourite. She loves it so much she stands in front of the television, points and says ‘Woof Woof’ when she wants to watch it. This means I have watched the first 2 series, as that is what is on Netflix, over and over and over! I hate to say it but I ask myself so many questions, most of which I’ll probably never know the answer to.   1. Where are Ryder’s parents? Where ever they are, they are certainly irresponsible. What kind of parents let their 10 year old child ride trucks, go off