A busy week

This past week John and I have been off work. It was my birthday this week and I have never, ever worked this week in my life so I always take a week off as a holiday. Sometimes we go away but this year we have had a lot to do around the house and we also aren’t ready to leave Jackson in kennels if we want to go away. This week I had a lot of plans, much to John’s dismay. He really would rather relax when we get a week off work together but I always have loads of

Planting success

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about attempting to plant things for the first time. The garden is in a massive state at the moment (I’ll explain in another post!) so growing things outside isn’t an option. I planted some grass and a selection of herbs in trays on the windowsill and they are doing great so far!The herbs have tiny little shoots coming up in three of the rows but unfortunately, one of the rows hasn’t grown anything at all. I’m not sure why either as I make sure to turn the tray to even out the sun

Windowsill planters

Although we have a massive garden now, I have no idea what to do with it. You see, I have never had a garden before. Back at my mum’s house where I grew up the garden was a concrete slab at the back of the house. We never had plants or grass or trees or anything like that! So, it is safe to say that I am not green fingered. While my husband and I are sorting out the back garden (clearing the gravel and digging up massive bushes) I wanted to have a go at growing something myself. We have