Pregnancy week 12

Since I wrote my last pregnancy update at week 9 so much has changed. It also seems like I have had to wait a really long time to write this post. So, at week 12 exciting things start to happen and John and I finally got to have our dating scan. We were only a couple of days out on calculations and that makes me due on 25th January instead of 21st as first thought. I’m actually quite glad for those few extra days though as I really didn’t want to be due anywhere near

High Street Maternity Hell

Being 11 weeks pregnant this week and getting a little rounder in the stomach I decided it was time to start looking for maternity clothes. All I wanted was some black under the bump trousers for work as mine are getting that little bit uncomfortable now. I remembered seeing maternity clothes in Asda a good while back so me and another pregnant friend headed straight there only to be told they only do it online now. After that we went to Matalan who did have some maternity clothes but very little to choose from and

Nursery plans

I am and will always be a planner. I love a good notebook to fill with lists and right now, I have a hell of a lot to plan. One of the biggest things on my list right now is the baby’s nursery. I’ve always known that I wanted something gender neutral for the nursery even though John and I will be finding out what we’re having when we get the chance. I am not a fan of girls always in and surrounded by pink or boys being the same with blue. Cars on things for

Pregnancy and me!

Being pregnant is such a strange thing. I thought after trying for a while to conceive I would have been well prepared for what would happen but I couldn’t have been more wrong. While I have been nauseous quite a lot I haven’t really been sick which I am very thankful for. As I work quite long hours sometimes and evening shifts the tiredness has been really hard to deal with. On days like today when I do feel sick and also tired I feel like everything has been completely knocked out of me. I’m

Pregnancy Week 7

I’m now into my 7th week of pregnancy and things have really changed since we found out I was expecting. Over the past week or so morning sickness has really begun to kick in. Before, all I felt was a bit of nausea but a horrible half term week at work really kicked my ass. The tiredness has really taken its toll on me as well. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get or if I rest completely on my days off work. I am always tired! John is being extremely good

A massive change

Just lately I have really been struggling to keep up with everything; blogging, housework, going to work, the dog… everything. As you can see I have moved my blog to WordPress and changed the name. I feel like my old blog was really outdated and I seriously hated Blogger. I didn’t actually mean to swap things over this soon, especially with the name of the blog but I sort of did it accidentally. Ooops! I don’t really understand WordPress completely yet but I am liking it so much more so far. So, you can probably