Children’s book review: Birch Trees, bluebells and other British plants

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) This week’s children’s book review is all about ‘Birch Trees, bluebells and other British plants’ by Nikki Dyson. It was published by Nosy Crow and available to buy on Amazon*. A beautiful fact-filled sticker book perfect for nature lovers. The sixth in a series of sticker books created with the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about all kinds of British plants and flowers. With four pages of stickers and 11 glorious scenes, you can add bees buzzing around the flowers, underground roots to the mighty

Dantoy baking set review

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) This past Christmas we replaced Erin’s plastic toy kitchen with a lovely wooden one from IKEA and it has been the most played with toy since then. Additional accessories really help the longevity of a toy like this and I knew she would love the Dantoy baking set.* This set comes with 12 fantastic pieces including a bowl, whisk, rolling pin and various cookie cutters. The colours of the pieces are quite subdued compared with some other children’s toys but that’s not something either me or Erin mind.

Creating a happy home office with Posterlounge

AD | Post in collaboration with Posterlounge Working from home can mean a lot of different things for a lot of people at the moment. In a lot of homes it can be hard to find the space to work in peace and quiet, especially with anything else going on around you. I know how lucky I am to have been able to turn our spare bedroom into my own office but it’s been lacking in something. With the help of Posterlounge, I have been able to transform a corner of my office, where my desk lives, to make it

Children’s book review: The Castle The King Built

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) This week’s children’s book review is all about The Castle The King Built by Rebecca Colby. The book was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon*. Find out exactly what goes on inside a medieval castle in this impeccably stylish picture book from the National Trust. How many people does it take to build a castle? And what exactly does each person do? Discover masons to merchants and bakers to blacksmiths in this unique take on the classic rhyme ‘This is the House that Jack

Geomag Confetti Review

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) Most of us are stuck in the middle of teaching our kids ourselves at home and it can be hard work. Although the set school work is very important, there are also other ways to help your children learn at home. Erin loves to build things so the Geomag Confetti 88 piece set* was an immediate hit. You may not have heard of Geomag sets before, but there are various kinds that you can get. The basic idea is that you use different magnetic pieces to create shapes,

Frozen Love Bijoux Review

Like a lot of other children her age, Erin is a huge fan of the Frozen films and now the merchandise too. Now that we’re in lock down again, it can be hard to keep Erin busy and entertained but with the help of the Frozen Love Bijoux set from Toys and Bears she’s had something fun to do. The set comes with 2 sheets of stickers to decorate the pieces, a big bag of pink and blue beads, a length of string and various pieces of jewellery to decorate. Instructions are also included but they are quite basic and

Pokémon Carry Case Playset Review

Towards the end of 2020 Erin discovered Pokémon and ever since then she’s been a bit obsessed. Although we had already finished shopping for her Christmas and birthday presents we knew that we had to add a couple more, Pokémon themed of course. While we bought her a few sets of figures, my sister got Erin the Pokémon Carry Case Playset* Ash, main character from the Pokémon television series, has a pretty iconic green backpack and that is what the Pokémon Carry Case Playset is based on. As soon as Erin opened her present she was excited because she had a backpack

Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club Review – Hint

This month, as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club we have been playing Hint*. This one is a bit different from some of the other games we have been playing recently as this one is a four player game, and needs to be played in teams. What I immediately liked about Hint was that you don’t need a huge playing board, lots of pieces that could easily get lost or something that takes up a lot go space. The wheel is already housed in the box and setting up the wheel only takes a few seconds. Inside the