There’s A Dinosaur On The 13th Floor by Wade Bradford

Every night before bed Erin likes to read a few books. We have a lovely collection at the moment but we always like to change it up which is why we are always looking for new books that we think she will like. The lovely people at Walker Books recently sent us There’s A Dinosaur On The 13th Floor by Wade Bradford. Mr Snore checks into a hotel room, only to discover that the room is already occupied – by a mouse! So the porter moves Mr Snore up a floor to a new room. Alas, that room seems to be

Orchard Toys Jungle Heads & Tails Review

This year Erin has really gotten into playing games this year and we are lucky to have a nice collection from Orchard Toys already. We recently received the new Jungle Heads & Tails game, which is aimed at children from 18 months to roughly 3 years old. On the day the game arrived, Erin spied it on my desk and wanted to play immediately. Jungle Heads & Tail is a lovely simple game. The box comes with 24 really chunky and colourful cards which show either the head or ‘tail’ part of a jungle animal. You also get a bit

Mess Free Creativity With Little Brian Paint Sticks

Since Erin started nursery back in January she very quickly found a love for anything creative and the messier, the better. I, on the other hand, have a bit of a thing about how much mess there is. It’s not that particularly mind the mess and cleaning it all up afterwards, it’s more when things like paints or play-doh get mixed together and ruined. Because of this, I think I tend to put off doing too many crafty activities with Erin which really, is a shame because I know she enjoys it so much. So, when we were sent a

Preparing For Nappy Free Nights With B-Sensible

Erin has been potty trained for a good few months and she’s at the stage where she is 99% free from any accidents now. However, she is still wearing nappies at night time as it’s quite unpredictable whether she will wake up dry or not. We have been thinking about preparing for nappy free nights for a little while now and will be taking steps to achieve this soon such as cutting down milk before bed. One thing that I was a bit worried about though was getting a mattress protector. I don’t know why but a lot of what

Britax Holiday Pushchair Review

*This is an advertisement. As we are a family who don’t drive we have always had to rely on a pushchair for getting us around with Erin. We love to go away or on holiday but we absolutely hate taking a bigger pushchair with us. If we have to fold it up on the train or in a hotel room we need something as small and easy as possible. We were recently sent the Britax Holiday pushchair to try and here’s what we think of it: We have had a few pushchairs now and some have been quite a bit

Toddler Friendly Cleaning With Nimble

Since Erin was born we have been more and more aware of the cleaning products we use and where possible, we now try to buy products with her in mind. I actually don’t do any big cleaning jobs while Erin is awake as I don’t like to use chemicals around her just in case she somehow manages to get a hold of them or run in to a room while I’m spraying something. However, there are some things that just can’t be put off so it’s always nice to find a brand that has babies and toddlers in mind. Nimble

How We’ll Be Staying Warm This Winter

We have been extremely lucky this year in that we have had a wonderfully hot summer but you never really know when the weather can turn. One day, like today while I’m writing this post, it’s chucking it down with rain, but just the other day there was glorious sunshine. You really have to be prepared for anything and this means having certain items of clothes ready before a new season even starts. As we live quite near the coast we often feel the wind and the cold a lot more than some other places. Last year was especially cold, especially

Dragon Post By Emma Yarlett

Erin’s imagination is really starting to shine and I love the things she comes up with. I think being at nursery 3 days a week and being encouraged to use her imagination has really helped. Now, it’s up to us at home to keep encouraging Erin and with the help of books like Dragon Post, we can do that. One day Alex finds a dragon living in the cupboard under the stairs. Luckily he knows just what to do. He writes letters to lots of different people – including the fire brigade and the butcher– to ask how he should