How To Create A PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Playset

AD | Gifted items One of Erin’s favourite cartoons is PJ Masks. As soon as she sees it on TV, or a character somewhere, Erin calls out the names of the characters and gets really excited. We were recently sent the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket and all 3 main characters with their Moon Rovers mixed with a collection of crafting items to help us create a playset! What I used for the Super Moon Adventure Playset We were sent a selection of craft items to make this playset, some of which are pictured above. I didn’t

Messy Mat Review And Giveaway

AD | Gifted item For as long as I can remember Erin has been a messy child. When we were weaning food would go everywhere. When Erin was at her previous nursery she would come home covered in absolutely everything. Now, she loves painting, Play Doh and spreading out with whatever she is playing with. Of course, this means certain areas at home getting messier than I would like or for us to need a bit of protection from the mess. We were recently sent the Messy Mat from Messy Me to help us out and we’re giving one away at the

Brio Farm Railway Set Review

AD | Gifted item Since starting nursery at age 2 Erin very quickly developed a love for train sets. Her teachers would tell me all of the time that she played with the trains on most days so last Christmas we made sure we got Erin some of her own. Recently we were sent the Brio Farm Railway Set to try out! What’s in the box: The Brio Farm Railway Set comes with: 8x Curved Tracks, 1x Barn, 1x Engine, 1x Wagon, 1x Tractor, 1x Trailer, 1x Farm Level Crossing, 2x Fences, 1x Cow, 1x Hay Bale, 1x Cattle Road Sign,

Strictly Briks Stackable Baseplates Review

AD | Gifted items You would probably find it difficult to find a home with children without some kind of Lego or playing bricks of some kind. Erin has a couple of Duplo sets and she gets a bit annoyed with playing with them on the floor and not really being able to do much with some of the loose/ random pieces. We were sent some products from Strictly Briks recently to try! One of the sets that we were sent is the Strictly Briks Rainbow Stackable Baseplates. This set comes with 12 6″x 6″ baseplates as well as 80

Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

AD | Gifted items Now that Erin is 3 she is really starting to understand more about celebrations and holidays. We have already had a few conversations about Easter as nursery have been doing things like painting chicks and eggs recently. I think this year Erin is going to be really excited about Easter this year and being the kind of child she is, she’ll want to make sure John and I have something too. So, with that in mind I wanted to share some Easter gifts for the whole family! Something I remember about both of our holidays in

Stikets Name Labels Review & Giveaway

AD | Paid partnership with Stikets & gifted items  Erin already goes to nursery for 3 days a week but after the Easter holidays she’ll be going up to 4 days thanks to her 30 hours of funding. Just the other week I noticed that some of the labels we had on Erin’s official nursery jumpers had fallen off in the washing machine. I needed to get something new to replace them, as well as to label some of the other items of clothing Erin wears to nursery on a regular basis. I recently teamed up with Stikets to review

Children’s Book Review: Circle

AD | Gifted Item One of John’s favourite times of day is Erin’s bedtime because it means that he can read with her. Today John is reviewing one of Erin’s newest books, Circle by Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett! Triangle and Square are visiting Circle, who lives at the waterfall. When they play hide-and-seek, Circle tells the friends the one rule: not to go behind the falling water. But after she closes her eyes to count to ten, of course that’s exactly where Triangle goes. Will Circle find Triangle? And what OTHER shapes might be lurking back there? Circle is

Children’s Book Review: Bear Moves

AD | Gifted item On average Erin will probably have 3-5 books at bedtime so we’re always looking for new titles to keep her interested in the stories. Today we’re looking at Bear Moves by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyuz. Bear’s in a dancing mood, and his friend Bunny is happy to help out with the boom box. With moves like Furry Breaking, Running Bear (you run but don’t go anywhere), and the classic back spin, who could blame observers who might want to bust a move of their own? Bear Moves features the same crazy, fun loving, Bear