The Flavour-Led Weaning Cookbook + Giveaway

When we started weaning with Erin I wanted to make sure she had a really varied diet. I am such a fussy eater myself and I will try anything to make sure Erin isn’t like this. However, the cookbooks we used were a bit boring to be honest. Purees were plain fruit and veg and there was nothing too exciting to try. I was so exited when I discovered The Flavour-Led Weaning Cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed. The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook offers over 100 first-tastes recipes your baby will love. It will be your best-friend in

Baby led weaning

When we decided to start weaning with Erin at 17 weeks we obviously started with purees. Baby led weaning wasn’t an option because she was so young. We started well before the recommended 6 month mark because of Erin’s reflux and it was definitely the right decision. At 8 months old Erin has her own ideas about food. She’s an independant little bugger! For the past month or so Erin has been showing so much interest in whatever me or her dad are eating. She looked desperate to have what we were having. Since that started

Weaning changes

Erin has now been on her weaning journey for about 5 weeks. She has taken to it so well and I don’t think there has really been anything she hasn’t liked so far. Of course, she does show that she likes some things more than others but she hasn’t spat anything out in disgust so far. Last week I tried finger food with her for the first time and we had slightly mixed results. The first couple of days we did cucumber sticks and she loved it. She knew to comp down on the sticks

The new weaning routine

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had Erin’s routine down. Then she started weaning and absolutely everything changed. Something I couldn’t have been happier about up until now was the fact that Erin quite happily slept in until 8am or 8:30am. For whatever reason she has now decided that wake up time is somewhere between 6am and 7am. Those kinds of times just don’t exist to me, or I wish they didn’t! As she’s getting up a lot earlier now but wanting to go to bed at the same time I needed to

Let the weaning adventure commence

Today will be the day that Erin tries some real food for the first time! How exciting… and slightly scary. Although health visitors and doctors generally advise you to start weaning from 6 months there are cases where the child may benefit from weaning early. In our case, Erin has reflux and our health visitor thinks that early weaning may help to line Erin’s stomach better. Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy getting to grips with our steamer and blender and I’ve got a whole drawer full of purees in the