Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies

Children’s Book Review: Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue

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Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies was published by Nosy Crow on 7th September 2019. The book is available to purchase on Amazon.

Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies

Today, Bizzy Bear is working as a paramedic and when the emergency call comes in, there isn’t a moment to lose! Help him speed along in the ambulance and switch on the flashing lights. Then, once he’s rescued the injured cyclist, lift the stretcher and pull back the ward curtain for the doctor.

Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies

One of Erin’s absolute favourite subjects is the emergency services but I haven’t seen many children’s books that focus on something like this. A new addition to our book collection is Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue which has various different things to slide and pull throughout the story. Erin is nearly 4 now but she still loves a book that has things for her to do and discover.

Bizzy Bear is a paramedic and at the beginning of the story we see him being called to an emergency and him dashing off to whatever may be waiting for him. I really liked that the call center was included in the story as this isn’t something we normally see and it’s important for children to learn about various different jobs that end up helping people. Obviously, without anyone working in a call center then the paramedics wouldn’t know where to go!

Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies

From the very first page there is something for children to do. From being able to make the ambulance drive down the road to making the lights flash, it makes the book really fun and really engages the child. The actions are quite easy to do so the book is suitable for younger children than Erin. I think we started using books like this at around age 1 but I can’t quite remember now.

Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue by Benji Davies

Not only does Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue show a paramedic helping someone who has hurt themselves but it shows what happens from beginning to end. We start with the call center and see Bizzy Bear going out to the patient. I really liked that the patient was shown in the ambulance and being taken care of until they got to the hospital. Being hurt is such a scary experience for children so having a book to show what happens if you need an ambulance is really great.


Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue

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  1. This is such a lovely book, for little ones. The illustrations are perfect. A lovely gift idea, I think. We often get books for our toddler group, this one would be fun for kids to have in our pretend play corner.

  2. That sounds like a great little interactive book for young kids. Although we all hope it would never happen, it might also help them not to be worried should they ever need to ride in an ambulance.

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