Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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When I speak to people I know, or family members, they tend to say that buying gifts for men is the hardest. I know from experience that they are less likely to say what the might want so you might have to think of something on your own. I’ve put together some gift ideas that the men in my life would enjoy although most of these products can really be gifted to anyone, and are definitely not just for men!


Christmas isn’t only the time for gifts for friends and family. I’m sure a lot of us take part in Secret Santa, usually at work, and it can be great fun to come up with something a bit different. If you manage to get someone with a good sense of humour then Poo-Pourri could make a fun Secret Santa gift this year.

Tardis Desk Tidy

My husband is a huge Doctor Who fan and he has his own desk at work. As soon as I saw this Tardis Desk Tidy, which is available to buy from Amazon*, I knew it would a good pick for him. This desk tidy is a reproduction of the eleventh doctor’s Tardis and it is, of course, bigger on the inside!

Rocketman DVD

If you are buying for a film or music fan this year then there are some great DVD options. Rocketman is one of the biggest films this year and it is now available on DVD, with a sing-along version too!

Hubert & George Beard Plate Set

Last Father’s Day John got some really cool egg cups and since then I’ve been looking for something to go with them. The Hubert & George Beard Plate Set from Red Candy are part of the same range and they look like men with really big beards. Coasters are also available in the range if you wanted to get the whole set!

JJ Suspenders

Maybe the man you’re looking for a gift for likes his clothes and dresses quite smart. JJ Suspenders are a classic and they come in various colours and styles. Whether they will be for a special occasion or everyday wear, these suspenders are sure to be a hit!

So That Went Well...

I really like buying people books for Christmas, especially if I can find something I know someone will really love. John tends to like books that he can pick up and read little bits of at a time and I think So That Went Well… * seems like a fun but interesting read. There are also other similar books in the series covering different topics.

Do you think anyone you know would like any of these products? Let me know in the comments!


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

9 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas For Him”

  1. There’s a couple of great ideas in this little gift guide. I love the little beard plates, if only my husband could grow a beard.

  2. Interesting and different ideas for gifts for men. The plates look like a funny and different idea and strange enough I know someone that would love them.

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