Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

So, it’s the beginning of November and that can only mean one thing… Christmas gift ideas!


This is my first year doing posts for Christmas gift ideas and I think I’m doing it a bit differently than other bloggers. I’m not really splitting items into categories such as ‘Gifts for Mum’ or ‘Gifts for Grandparents’ etc. (although I have done one for dogs!) Instead, my Christmas posts will be spread over a couple of weeks and have a theme per day, where possible. Some days I will only post once while other days may get a couple of posts. It all depends on the products.

Here’s what I have planned:

Home Accessories

Children’s Books


Gifts for Dogs


Personalised Gifts


Motherly Love

Chambers of London

Food with a Difference

From the Arts

 I hope you’ll come back to see what ideas we’ve come up with this year.

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