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It is safe to say that when you have children a lot of things change. There is certainly a lot of running around in our house now and neither John and I are getting any younger. Now, don’t get me wrong, neither of us think of ourselves as old. We’re only just over 30. However, some things need changing to suit our lifestyle and one of those things is clothes. Not only do we have less money to spend on clothes now but we also have different needs. Comfort is the key! We’ve recently been looking at mens clothing online from Chums to see what they have to offer!


John is 6’1 and has always had a problem with the length of t-shirts and jumpers. Generally, if he tends to buy from places with lower priced clothes they tend to be quite short. T-shirts especially ride up when he sits down. A badly fitting t-shirt is not comfortable at all, especially if you’re out and about or at baby classes. No one wants a view of a backside when playing with their children! Chums offer clothes that have flattering fits and a wide range of sizes, perfect for John who needs an XL.

John is also not your straight up and down kind of guy. He likes his food and he doesn’t get to work out as much as he would like. You get my point. This, again, makes finding clothes that fit John well quite difficult. Being the age he is means that clothes from certain high street stores are not designed for men like him. Chums offer a really good range of trouser options that are both smart, affordable and come in loads of different fits.

There is really no need to buy ill-fitting clothes, or clothes that look horrible just because they fit well, when places like Chums offer clothes that both fit and look really nice!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 


14 thoughts on “Clothes for Comfort from Chums”

  1. oh ive never heard of these will check them out for hubby as he tends to buy his from the supermarket when we go food shopping!

  2. I will have a squid at this website. My Hubble is 6ft4″ and it’s tricky getting him clothes that fit well! Kate x

  3. My husband is very tall too and struggles to find decent clothes. Will send him over to the Chums website next time he’s after some new threads.

  4. I’m all about the comfy clothes these day, I work from home now as well so no need to put on a work suit anymore.

  5. Could relate to this, Since I work alone for the company and I do a lot of travelling especially, you have to look presentable all the time due to company rules. It’s quite hard to look nice and the uniform doesn’t fit at all due to whatever size you are.

  6. I’ve never heard of chums. I will take a look it’s my husband’s birthday soon so I need to find him a few nice bits.

  7. It’s hard finding the time to buy clothes when you become a parent, let alone work out! It’s great that you have found a clothing range that you like. I’ve never heard of this brand before, so will keep it in mind for future presents and shopping trips.

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