Come Back to Me by Mila Gray

Home on leave in California, Marine Kit Ryan cannot deny the attraction to Jessa, his best friend’s little sister. She’s the one girl he knows he can’t have but he can’t help himself. Jessa has always had a thing for Kit but never dreamed that he could feel the same way. They were supposed to have a summer fling and leave it at that but the closer Kit comes to going back, the more in love they become. 

An agreement to wait for each other turns into an explosive twist in their relationship and one they’re not sure they can come back from. 

This is the first book I have read after having a massive reading slump for about a year. I hadn’t felt like picking anything up until I was given this one to read and then I couldn’t put it down. Mila Gray is actually YA writer Sarah Alderson writing New Adult. 

Come Back to Me starts with a pretty intense prologue. It’s hard hitting and sort of took me breath away. It’s full of mystery as you don’t know who the characters are yet but the prologue gets you ready for something terrible happening even if you don’t know anything about what leads up to that. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going on. 

Jessa has had a crush on Kit for years but he’s her brother’s best friend and she keeps those feeling a secret. She thinks he’s way out of her league and her brother would probably kill him if anything happened. When Kit and Jessa’s brother come back on leave butterflies begin to go mad in her stomach. Lucky for Jessa, Kit feels exactly the same way but has never had the nerve to tell her up until this point. 

The relationship between Jessa and Kit starts off quite slow although there is passion and chemistry from the off. They’ve both liked each other for a long time and although they know each other as friends, they spend a lot of time getting to know each other in a different way. A lot of New Adult books that I have read seem to spend too much time on sex seeing as it’s okay to write about it compared with Young Adult novels. Mila Gray makes sure her characters have something a lot deeper than a physical relationship which I really appreciated. 

Not only is Kit and Jessa’s brother in the Marines but other family members are/ were as well. Come Back to Me focuses a lot on life in the military and how it affects every day life. We have Kit and Jessa’s brother trying to form meaningful relationships as well as the effects serving has had on their families. Jessa’s father is a tough kind of man and Jessa feels trapped by him. He is obviously experiencing some kind of backlash of serving and things he has experienced affects him greatly. I actually really enjoyed these aspects of the book as it’s a new subject to me and a really interesting one. 

I’m so glad I picked this one up on a day off work. The story was refreshing, as were the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it!

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