Deeper by Robin York

Title: Deeper
Author: Robin York
Series: Caroline and York #1
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Piatkus
Release date: 6th March 2014

Caroline Piasecki was always the good girl. Well, she was until her ex-boyfriend posted sex pictures online and completely ruined her reputation. Then, one day someone punches her ex in the face and it’s the person she least expected to stick up for her. 

West Leavitt swore to himself to stay away from Caroline from the minute he met her but when he punches her ex, she seems to always be around. They are definitely not friends though as West keeps telling himself. But, the more time they spend with one another they harder it is to deny their attraction to each other. 

When I asked on the blog for recommendations for New Adult books to read this title came up a few times so I knew I had to get it. 

Deeper focuses on the subject of revenge porn, something I have never read about in a book before. Caroline and her boyfriend Nate had been together for a few years but when they broke up he decided to post private pictures of her all over the internet. Caroline is used to being a good girl and her reputation is ruined because of what Nate did. Not only that but she can’t get rid of the voices in her head which repeat all of the nasty comments written online about her. In short, she’s a mess and doesn’t know how to cope. 

It’s hard not to feel for Caroline. I wouldn’t wish something like this on my worst enemy. Deeper shows what it is like for Caroline not only immediately after but what it will be like for the rest of her life. She wonders who at college has seen the pictures of her, if future employers will Google her name and find the pictures online. Caroline realises that trusting Nate may have ruined her entire life. Quite explicit language is used to show how serious the situation is but I think it was needed in this case. Examples are used of what people have said about Caroline online. 

I had to applaud Caroline for the way in which she acted. Even though she was a mess inside and going crazy with her own thoughts she battled on. She went to classes and tried to carry on as normally as she possibly could. I’m not sure if I would have had the strength to do that. I would have wanted to hide away and never see anyone again. When West Leavitt punches Nate in the face she knows she has to talk to him to say thank you but since she met him, she’s been trying to keep her distance. 

West is also trying to stay away from Caroline but he just can’t help himself when Nate pushes too far. West has a lot going on in his life and he doesn’t want a complication that he can’t keep. He and Caroline become, well, not friends because he doesn’t want a friend. He seems to be the only person Caroline can open up to and be herself around and he can’t tell her no. West is a very complex character and I loved learning more about him and why he didn’t think he and Caroline should be friends. 

As West and Caroline do slowly become friends their personalities really come out and develop over the course of the book. They spend a lot of time getting to know each other which is something I always like to see. Both characters are attracted to one another to begin with but this is no story where they fall in love immediately and I was thankful for that. Caroline certainly needed someone like West to help her realise that what happened to her wasn’t her fault and to help her gain more confidence. 

Another reason why I loved Deeper was because it was funny. There were so many different parts that made me giggle out loud. Although the plot focuses on a really serious topic Robin York manages to lighten it up a bit within Caroline and West’s friendship. They are so cute together it’s unreal. West I ended up falling for completely in this book and he’s by far one of my favourite male characters in a New Adult novel to date. 

No wonder people recommended this one to me. Deeper is not only an amazing read but a very important one as well. 

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