Meal Plan Monday: This week’s Dinners

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan.

Meal plan MondayAfter having a couple of really tough weeks with a lot going on at home and changes happening we still haven’t really gotten back into planning. Erin was super ill last week with conjunctivitis and a throat, ear and chest infection. I had laryngitis. It was also my birthday. We were mega busy.

So, this week to get back into meal planning I thought I’d start with dinners and this is what we’re having this week.

Monday – Carbonara and garlic bread

Tuesday – sausages, hash browns, beans, toast

Wednesday – beef stew

Thursday – Jacket potato

Friday – chicken burgers and curly fries

Saturday – Day out in Cambridge (restaurant meal)

Sunday – Roast Chicken

It’s a pretty basic dinner plan but we’re trying to clear out the freezers and cupboards so this will get rid of quite a lot.

We’re always looking for guest posts on meal planning, whether it’s something that works for you or not. Get in touch if you’d like to feature!


8 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: This week’s Dinners”

  1. I really should start doing a meal plan, I usually have a rough idea in my head but then tiredness intervenes and I don’t always stick to it! I think simple meals are often the best, especially for kids.

  2. We quite often have sausages eggs and beans but with chips. We’re going to need to start clearing our freezer and cupboards soon in preparation for our move.

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