Dressing to Impress on Date Night

Dressing to Impress on Date Night

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Whether this is your first date with a handsome admirer or a long-standing arrangement with your other half, it is an occasion worth dressing up for. If you don’t make an effort for date night, it spells doom for your relationship. After all, if you show up wearing worn denim and a casual tee, it tells your date that you don’t really care that much about impressing them. It’s hardly a good start to the evening!

Here are some handy tips to help you select the right outfit for date night, so your date is suitably impressed.

Location and Activities

It is important to pay close attention to what you are doing on your date. There is a huge difference between a night at the opera and a casual meal in a low-key restaurant. In addition, if your date decides to whisk you away for a sunset hike, you will probably regret wearing heels.

Check in advance what the itinerary holds. Then you can make an informed decision about what to wear.

Keeping it Stylish

As we have already mentioned, it is important to look stylish. However, you need to know where to draw the line. It is usually better to stick with low-key fashion trends rather than trying to emulate your favourite celebs or catwalk trends. You are free to do that when you have a night out with the girls, as they will applaud your sense of adventure, but most men struggle with extreme fashion and dislike any outfits that are too ‘out there’.

Instead of picking the most outrageous garments in your closet, mix and match designer and high street. For example, if your date night involves a stroll on the beach before a delicious lobster dinner, why not pop on a pair of Gucci sneakers from SSENSE with your designer skinny jeans and sexy bo-ho top? Your date will love your look and it’s comfortable too. SSENSE has a great selection of Gucci footwear, so if you want to dress to impress with a pair of Gucci boots, we won’t stop you!


Accessories can make or break an outfit. The best accessories are the ones your date gifted you, such as a diamond pendant or set or pearl earrings. But if this is a first or second date, it is up to you to select some suitable accessories.

Choose jewelry and accessories to suit your outfit. A simple belt to show off your tiny waist or a pretty scarf to keep your hair in check when your date picks you up in his open-topped sports car will do just fine.

Don’t forget to choose a cute clutch or purse to keep your smartphone, credit card, and keys safe. If you want to score extra design points, take a designer purse with you, preferably one that matches your shoes.

Don’t leave the house without a coat if the weather forecast is suspect. A smart trench coat is ideal for a spring-summer date. Or, if you want to rock the casual look, go with a leather jacket instead.


Dressing to Impress on Date Night

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