Encouraging Food Discovery With Hape

Encouraging Food Discovery With Hape

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Erin has been a fussy eater for quite some time now and when I say it’s hard, I’m not kidding. We are constantly trying to come up with new ways to get Erin interested in food and we’ll do anything if it encourages her just a little bit. Hape is a brand that specialises in toys, a lot being wooden, and we were recently offered a couple of food based toys to try out!

Hape Mix N Bake Blender 

Just over the past couple of weeks we have been encouraging Erin to help in the kitchen and we have been doing a bit of really basic baking. Hape’s Mix N Bake Blender is a lovely toy not only for role play but also for learning how to do new things in the kitchen. The set comes with a wooden mixer, which will turn and ‘mix’ by using the handle on the top as well as bags of flour and sugar.

Hape Healthy Basics

One meal that we used to not have to worry about was breakfast. Erin would wake up each day and want to eat immediately but it’s getting harder and harder to get her to eat something healthy and filling before she starts to ask for snacks. Hape’s Healthy Basics is a really lovely set that includes a nice range of breakfast items, including drinks.

Erin playing with Hape toys

Erin was so excited when I got these out for her to play with. She immediately put the mixer together and declared that she wanted to bake a cake. We don’t actually do this often enough at home but she knew to crack the eggs, add some flour, sugar and even the milk from the breakfast items. This was all her own doing and I didn’t even have to help!

Erin baking a cake

It’s really great the the items from both sets can be used together and on their own. We like to buy toys from the same brand if they can all be used together so this is something I really look for.

Being mostly wooden, these toys are well made and will last a long time. The only plastic in both sets is the egg carton and the mixing bowl for the mixer set. There are no sharp edges, no small pieces and nothing that can get very easily lost or accidentally eaten.

Erin pouring orange juice

Not long after making her cake, Erin decided that she would open a shop where she could sell the cakes she makes with the mixer as well as her food items. Erin is very creative and we spent a lot of time coming up with different cakes (I think we need a wooden set now), selling them to her teddies and then eating a delicious breakfast with some nice drinks.

Hape have such a wonderful range of food based toys and I already have my eye on a few more for Erin! 


Encouraging Food Discovery With Hape

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