Erin – 12 weeks on

I honestly cannot believe Erin is already 12 weeks old. She has made the last 3 months the best three months I’ve ever had, minus the horrendous birth and recovery of course!

It only really occurred to me the other day that Erin sort of isn’t really 12 weeks old, she’s only 9 weeks seeing as she was born 3 weeks early. I never really think of her as being premature but I know doctors and health visitors do. I realised the other day that Erin could spend quite a while hitting those exciting milestones later than other babies her age. I was worrying not too long ago about Erin not sleeping through the night yet but now I think no wonder she isn’t.

On the flip side though I do think Erin is doing a lot that she should be at this age. She follows sounds and toys super well, especially if it’s a musical instrument. She kicks her legs around like a mad thing when she’s having fun, smiles all the time, coos and is starting to giggle too.

Erin finally hit the 9lb mark last week when we went to clinic to get her weighed. I couldn’t have been happier! While a couple of her tiny baby vests do still fit, Erin is now mostly in newborn and up to 1 month clothes. She’s even managed some 0 to 3 with the sleeves rolled up. It’s nice that she can wear more of her clothes now and I’m not stuck putting her in the same thing all of the time.

Sometimes I sit and watch Erin wondering how we made something so perfect. I can’t wait to see how she changes over the next month!

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