Erin’s first messy play

A couple of weeks ago at Baby Sensory we had a bit of messy play going on. Before this, Erin hadn’t done anything like this before and I didn’t know what she would do.

We had bowls of (free from everything) spaghetti and sugar free jelly so I stripped Erin down to her little vest. I don’t particularly care if she gets food on her but we had the rest of the class to get through and I didn’t want her to be soggy and gross for that. She was a bit confused as to why I was taking her clothes off but seemed happy enough!

When I put the spaghetti in front of her she had no idea what to do. I did have to bring to bowl to her hands to let her have a little feel to start with. However, she quickly got the hang of it! As much fun as it was playing with the spaghetti in her hands she decided that she would much rather eat it… as is the case with most things at the minute.

Jelly was also an interesting experience. After the spaghetti Erin didn’t mess around with this. She shovelled it in her hands and it went straight into her mouth! She had no idea what it was or what to do with it. Once she realised it was actually food and it tasted nice she couldn’t get enough of it.

We haven’t done messy play again with Erin yet but I do really want to. I need to get in a few supplies and a messy mat so we can have some real messy fun. She seemed to really enjoy it and I want her to be able to do it again soon. Maybe paints will be worth a try… if I make sure she hasn’t got clothes on!

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