Fitness Rockstars: Exercise at home!

Lately I have found it quite hard to find time to exercise. I try to cycle to work but with the weather getting worse and the nights drawing in, I have not been doing it as much. I have also hardly run for the last 2 months.

I don’t really get on with going to the gym. I get bored of the machines and I just find it hard to motivate myself in order to enjoy my workout or want to go back.
I have always enjoyed running and cycling outside and somehow I don’t get bored doing that.

When Lyndsey told me we were getting a membership to JuliaBfit online gym I didn’t really know what I thought initially. It would be nice to have a resource to help me exercise at home but again, it is indoor exercise which usually bores me.

I decided I didn’t want an audience for my first workout so I waited for a night when Lyndsey was at work! I cleared  a space in the living room and I shut the dog in the kitchen, I got the site up on the laptop and set about trying to choose a workout

As I just wanted to try it out this first time I wanted to find something that would be an all over body workout and not too long to do. I settled on a programme called Ignite that offered 30 minute extreme fat burning workouts. I won’t lie – I was probably attracted by the beautiful blond fitness instructor who I now know is Julia Buckley who runs the online gym. She is insane (and evil – I will get to that soon).

So I changed into my fitness gear, put my trainers on, the baby was soundly asleep upstairs. Time to give this a go. I turned on the video and was surprised by the lack of an introduction. We were straight in. (There is actually an intro but I only figured this out afterwards).

The workout is pretty extreme from the beginning. There is a 5 to 7 minute warmup that involves high knee jogging, star jumps, squats, lunges and some floor work.  I was knackered before the warmup even finished!

It only got harder from there. There were 2 sets of exercises and I had to do each set 3 times.

Set 1:
Floor mountain Climber
Upright mountain climber
Sl Sprinter – both sides
Side to side pressup

Set 2:
Mat jumps
Switch kicks
Knee smash – both sides
Burpee Tuck Jump

The side to side pressup and the mat jumps and burpee tuck jump was definitely the hardest.  I couldn’t really keep up with those.

Julia was extremely good at keeping me motivated with all of her encouraging and enthusiasm for getting fit. She was like some sort of sadistic, smiley, energiser bunny!


Despite only being a 30 minute workout I definitely felt it and don’t think I could have done much more. I could hardly walk the next day either. I am glad I did it it though and I certainly intend to try many more workouts!

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