Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day is just around the corner once again and I’ve been scouting out some fab gifts for the dads out there!


Braun 6 in 1 Multi Grooming Kit – £29.99

Father's Day Gift Guide

John is going bald and generally has quite a lot of facial hair. Sometimes though he ends up looking a bit scruffy and overgrown.

The kit comes with a precision comb, long beard comb, fixed combs with 1mm and 2mm and an ear and nose trimmer so there is something to keep John looking a bit neater for all occasions.

Chattyfeet Socks – £8

Father's Day Gift Guide

Honestly, who doesn’t love a pair of really fun socks? John’s socks are mainly the black ones he wears for work, apart from a couple of Harry Potter themed pairs. Chattyfeet do a whole range of fun socks, and not just for men. There are also socks for women and children as well as family socks!

The socks in the picture are called Commander Awesome and they really are awesome! Other socks include Albert Einstoe, Sigmund Socks and Sole-Adore Dali. 

I will definitely be getting some for all of us. I think everyone needs family socks!

Name A Star Gift Tin – £19.99

Father's Day Gift Guide

Sometimes, men are pretty hard to buy for. John is especially because he doesn’t like that much and he never wants much. I also don’t want my house full of Harry Potter or Star Wars stuff. There’s only so much of it that I can shove away in his man cave aka the 4th bedroom!

I really love this Name A Star Gift Box because it’s something a bit different. Older children will be able to name a star for their dad, grandad, uncle etc. or, younger children can give it as a gift for the recipient to do themselves.

10 Things I Love About My Dad Mug – £8.99

Father's Day Gift Guide

John is a massive tea drinker and I think I tend to buy him a mug for most occasions. I don’t think he minds though. I absolutely love this one from Find Me A Gift. There are different colour schemes available and it is totally customisable. You can choose your own 10 reasons why you love dad. We have chosen things such as ‘nap time cuddles’, ‘making things into hats’ and ‘big hugs.’

World’s Best dad gift box – £10.99

Father's Day Gift Guide

 I absolutely love this World’s Best Dad Gift Box. Getting John presents from Erin is a bit tough at the moment because she can’t really pick something herself. If she did, it would probably be Olaf or Moana from the Disney Store. I don’t think John would appreciate that.
  • World’s Best Dad Certificate Holder
  • A World’s Best Dad cardboard Photo Holder
  • No.1 Dad Metal Key Ring
  • Dad Voucher Booklet
  • Chocolate Flavoured Tools

This gift set has a bit of everything that John likes. I know the chocolates won’t last long and he’ll make good use out of the vouchers for hugs. Not sure he’ll be getting the one for a personal waiter for the day though!

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

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  1. I love the ‘Worlds Best Dad’ set and the idea of naming a star. What a lovely idea. We are away over Father’s Day this year, but I’ll keep these in mind for next year.

  2. Love the personalised cup! What a great idea, I’m starting to panic now as I haven’t sorted anything for Chris!

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