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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is only a few weeks away now but there’s still plenty of shopping time left. I’ve put together some gift ideas that I know John would love and more importantly, are from different price points. Celebrations like Father’s Day only have to cost what you’re willing to spend so hopefully there are ideas for everyone here.

Even if you don’t buy gifts for occasions there are other things you can do instead. A greetings card is a great idea and Danilo’s range of Father’s Day Cards is a great place to start. I love the classic designs from Ladybird and the Only Fools and Horses range too!

Treat Him Smartbox from Buyagift

Sometimes buying gifts can be really tricky, especially if you’re not really sure what that person might like. Experience vouchers are a great idea for a gift because then the recipient can choose something for themselves. The Treat Him Smartbox from Buyagift has over 1800 experiences to choose from including things like supercar driving, raceday packages and meals out! An experience voucher is also a great way to try something new.

In our house we all have our own favourite cushions. I have the two green cushions I always have behind me and Erin has an ugly brown cushion that she won’t give up. Poor John just seems to get whatever cushion he can get his hands on though so this Personalised ‘Reserved for Daddy’ cushion from The Gift Experience is an ideal gift for him.

John loves tea and although he mainly drinks regular tea, we also have a messy shelf full of other flavours. Blossoming Gifts have a lovely range of Personalised wooden tea boxes that come with various Pukka teas. I chose the Sleep Well collection which includes Night Time, Relax and Three Chamomile. The box has six compartments so there’s plenty of space to organise any other teas too!

Beach Hut Planter from Red Candy

Maybe you’re looking for a gift this year for an avid gardener or someone who wants to start learning how to grow things. The Beach Hut Planter from Red Candy comes with everything needed to grow mint (even some compost). The planter sits nicely on a windowsill where it can get lots of sunlight to help it grow.

John and Erin have such a special bond and I love seeing the two of them together. I’m always looking to find gifts that are a bit different and I think this Willow Tree Father and Daughter figurine from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up is such a lovely idea. It’s a gift that you can treasure for years to come and it could be a piece that starts a collection. We have another Willow Tree piece from our wedding and this is a lovely addition to it.

Hubert & George Beard Egg Cup Set from Red Candy

One of John’s favourite things to eat for breakfast is boiled eggs with toast and you obviously need an egg cup for that! As soon as I saw the Hubert & George Beard Egg Cup Set from Red Candy I knew it was something John would love. Hubert & George can help to make breakfast fun again and they look very much like John… bald with a beard!

Mighty Fine's Skinny Coated Almond Dips

Something else John really likes are snacks and chocolate but it’s no fun to have the same thing over and over again. We recently discovered Mighty Fine’s Skinny Coated Almond Dips and John is a big fan! They come in four different flavours and are finely coated to make sure you get the best of the nut and the chocolate!

We live in a pretty old house which gets cold very easily. We try to save money where and when we can and this sometimes means not having the heating on. We have horrible electric storage heaters that take so long to heat up and we sometimes need a quicker way to warm up. Zippos’s 6 hr Rechargable Heatbank (also comes in silver) not only acts as a hand warmer but it is also a power bank. This would make a great gift for camping loving Dads too!

If the Dad you’re buying for this year likes his games then consider Gioteck’s TX-20 retro stereo headset. I love how they remind of the old Walkman headphones and the bright orange foam pads are just fantastic. This ’80s styled headset is bound to be a hit with any gamer!

Gillette SkinGuard bundle

A lot of the time John tends to have at least a bit of facial hair but when he has a close shave he worried about irritation. The Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive razor can be the product to take away this stress and worry. The SkinGuard razor has a bar positioned between two sets of Gillette’s best blades to gently smooth and flatten the skin, taking the pressure off during the shave. Why not pair the SkinGuard Sensitive razor with extra blades and shaving foam for a longer lasting smooth shave!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration from these gift ideas; do let me know which is your favourite!


Father's Day Gift Ideas

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