My favourite Christmas Cards

When I sent out Christmas Cards I like something that’s a little bit different and something that stands out. I have found three very fabulous, but very different companies this year with amazing Christmas Cards. I’d love to know in the comments which are your favourites.

Colour Their Day

You may not think that robots and Christmas go together, but they do in our house. I honestly cannot enough of Colour Thier Day. If you want something modern, bright and funny then this is the company for you.


Colour Their Day have a fantastic robot range and the Christmas Cards are so much fun. The robot family feature in quite a few different products and also come in the form of birthday, wedding and general purpose cards. What I love the most about this range is that you can get a personalised robot family print.


The print even includes Jackson. How cute is it?! This is our first Christmas together as a family and I love that we have this amazing keepsake to mark the day!

Find Colour Their Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Talk of the Town Parties

Next up is a very unique company, Talk of the Town Parties who you can find on Not on the High Street. What makes these cards unique is the fact that they’re made from recycled materials.

Christmas Cards

From left to right, this is what makes these cards different:

Printed on luxury real rhino dung card

Comes in green or brown. Brown version is printed on real elephant dung card while the green version can be planted to grow into a Christmas tree!

Made with seeds so the card can be planted to grow flowers

Printed on real elephant dung card

Made from real reindeer poo and contains Christmas tree seeds and can be planted




I have honestly never seen cards like these before but I absolutely love the fact that you can plant some of them. I’d love to try growing my own Christmas tree out of one of these. I may have to keep one for myself just to test it out and see what happens!

Talk of the Town Parties also sell various other greetings cards, prints and event invitations!

You can find them on Twitter and Instagram.

Artfull Puffin


I’m very much someone who calls things by their actual name. My brother in law used to have a really small dog. I don’t remember its name but I just called it ‘Small Dog’. So, when I saw Artfull Puffin‘s Christmas range, I kind of fell in love.


Although there is a larger range of Christmas cards on the Arfull Puffin Etsy Shop  the simple designs are the ones that stood out to me. I really love the Robin card that states that it is a robin! Something really thoughtful here too is that matching gift tags are available.

Find Artfull Puffin on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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