Fitness for Fatherhood: An Introduction

As a new father, it is so important to me that my daughter Erin leads an active and healthy life. Lyndsey has been amazing at making sure Erin eats a wide selection of foods. However, I have always thought that the physical side will fall to me. That isn’t to say that Lyndsey doesn’t do anything active with Erin though. She does. They go swimming together and to yoga every week!


As soon as I found out I was going to be a dad one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was ‘Right, now I need to get fit. I want to win the parent races when Erin has sports days’. I want my daughter to think I am a superhero. Most of all, I want Erin to be proud of me, as I will always be of her.


The trouble is that my weight and fitness has been a life long battle. As an adult, I have been extremely heavy and extremely slim. I have been everything in between as well.
At my fittest I ran the Edinburgh and Paris Marathons. I have also completed the National and Yorkshire 3 peaks challenges and the Cambridge to Norwich bike ride.

Currently, I am pretty close to my heaviest in terms of weight but I am reasonably fit. I can run about 5 miles without any problems, albeit a lot slower than I used to.
I cycle to and from work regularly which is 10 miles each way. I’m not really a serious cyclist but I do love cycling. There is no spandex wearing going on though!


My biggest problem is food. I have always been a chocoholic and the food we tend to eat is not the healthiest most of the time.  We tend to be lazy when it comes to ourselves because we have little times in the evenings for cooking.

This Fitness for Fatherhood segment of the blog is going to be my chance to talk about fitness and health related issues. I will talk about the exercise I am doing, challenges I have planned and the food I am eating.

This is all about being fit as a father so I am capable of being as active as Erin needs me to be. Let me put it this way, no father will ever taken the egg and spoon race as seriously as I will!

10 thoughts on “Fitness for Fatherhood: An Introduction”

  1. That’s very inspiring and I think a lot of dads want to try to loose weight to be able to play foot with thir children or just race with them. Best of luck x

  2. Looking forward to hear how you get on with the Julia workouts. One of my greatest pleasures in life is doing ‘fit’ stuff with my kids – parkrun in a buggy is pretty good fun I hear!

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