Fitness for Fatherhood: No Magic Formula

It is fairly easy for most people to think about what they need to do to lose weight or to improve their fitness level. In theory, or on paper, the process of losing weight is a simple mathematical calculation – burn more energy than you consume. Many diets try to make it seem more complicated than that but it really isn’t – at least not to me.


Of course, I am no expert but I think if you stick to this basic premise – and try to limit your intake of saturated fat and sugar, try to have at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, drink plenty of water, then fitness doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

I think it is important not to cut out all of the things you like. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are on prison rations. There is no need to punish yourself. You will know where the balance is. A little of what you like can be what motivates you to be good the rest of the time.

Exercise is the hard bit for most people. Depending on your physical capability you may or may not be able to do heavily aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that is going to burn the calories and, more importantly, shift the fat. Running is really the best exercise followed closely by swimming as both use all of your body at once. Swimming has the benefit of toning as you go but I still think running is a better calorie burner.

Although I am rather on the heavy side, I have never completely lost my ability to run. So I will be able to really attack this thing, both with the eating and the exercise.

Now, the talk is over. Time to get fit for Fatherhood!!

(All views expressed here are my own opinions).

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