Fitness for Fatherhood: What does it mean?

Ever since I decided to start a segment on the blog dedicated to fitness related issues, and decided to call it ‘Fitness for Fatherhood’, I have been wondering whether I really ought to define what exactly that means to me.


To me, Fitness for Fatherhood is really just fitness for life. The ability to lead an extremely active and healthy lifestyle so that I can get the most out of being a father, and so that I can give the most to Erin to help her grow and develop and so that she, and I, can be all the happier for it.

However, I have also given some thought as to what areas I believe a father ought to focus on in order to be, you guessed it, fit for fatherhood.

Area 1 – Cardiovascular fitness
This I believe is the most important area of any fitness plan. Cardio keeps the weight off, it keeps the heart and lungs working properly and can also keep you alive if zombies come (Thank you very much Columbus). In terms of being a dad it means I will be able to run around with Erin at the park for hours, or take part in her school sports days. Luckily I cycle a lot and run a lot so my Cardio fitness is already pretty good. Massive room for improvement that I will hopefully see as I start to drop the weight.

Area 2 – Physical strength
Any parent will know that when you have kids you end up lugging, or pushing, a lot of heavy stuff around with you. Physical strength is obviously going to be important. I am lucky in that I am already pretty strong and my arms tend to gain definition quite quickly through dumbbell work at home. I believe you can be strong without hefting huge weights or looking like Johnny Bravo. It is important to give equal time to the whole body when it comes to resistance work for all over body strength.

Area 3.- Mental health and sleep
This is an area that is easy to overlook amidst the daily grind but is probably as important as the physical side. As a father I know I will need vast amounts of energy to cope with a little bundle of craziness that is a toddler and then later. I want to be the sort of dad who bounces out of bed to take his daughter to the park on a Saturday morning.- not one who tells his daughter no because I am too tired. I therefore need to try to take a good amount of sleep every night so that I am raring to go the next day.

These are just my thoughts about what Fitness for Fatherhood actually means. Stay tuned to hear about some of the exercise I have been doing and my short term and long term goals.

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