Forever Friends Sweet Dreams Bear Review

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When I was growing up I loved Forever Friends. I must have had loads of them. I never imagined my daughter would have one of her very own.

Forever Friends

The Forever Friends Sweet Dreams Bear is the perfect Forever Friends product for Erin. When she was younger she had something which played a low level white noise to help her get to sleep. While she’s not too bad at night time now, nap times are still a bit of a problem.

The Sweet Dreams Bear helps so much as it has four different noise settings, each controlled by a different arm or foot:

Heart beat sounds for comfort and reassurance
White noise designed to soothe and calm
Tranquil sea/wave sounds with rhythmic heart beat
Gentle lullaby

Erin gets so tired, as I’m sure a lot of babies do, and throws herself about. Calming her down is a real nightmare sometimes. Since having the Sweet Dreams Bear nap time has been a lot easier. Although Erin is not really a fan of the heartbeat sound, the sea/ waves calms her down in seconds.

Not only does the Sweet Dreams Bear calm Erin down and help her to fall asleep but it’s also really nice as a soft toy. The bear is super soft and really cuddly. There is a battery pack in the back of the bear, where settings can be changed (volume, light, times etc). However, this does not affect how cuddly the bear is.

A little personal touch to the bear is a photo frame above one of the legs. Don’t worry about this being a safety issue for your little one though. It’s incredibly hard to get into the photo part so there’s no risk of little fingers getting caught.

Both Erin and I love the Sweet Dreams Bear! It also has a carry handle which can be attached to different things, such as a cot or pushchair so we can take it everywhere with us if we need to!

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  1. Awww, the Forever Friends Sweet Dreams Bear looks SO cute! I love that it helps calm your little one down. The little photo frame is a lovely touch! Very sweet indeed. I use to love anything Forever Friends when I was younger, good to see Forever Friends is still around. xx

  2. I love Forever Friends, I had a FF bedroom when I was young and still have some of the bears at my dad’s house. This looks and sounds wonderful for babies, my daughter would have loved this when she was younger x

  3. This little bear sounds super sweet! It’s really cute it has the light in it as well, it looks rather soft as well. It would be a great Comforter for any child. I remember having lots of forever Friends bears when I was younger but this is far superior and amazing.

    Jordanne ||

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