Meal Plan Monday: Getting back to it

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Meal plan

So, the other week I wrote about going off plan. I thought it was going to be nice to have a break from meal planning. I thought it would give me and Erin a bit more freedom and a bit less stress. That only sort of happened though.

I was a lot more relaxed about what Erin ate at each meal, pretty much winging it every day unless we had plans with friends. While it was sort of nice, it didn’t work out for the better.

I feel like without a plan Erin didn’t eat as much of a varied diet as she was before. Toast played a bit part in breakfast whereas normally she would only have that once a week. Erin also had more sandwiches for lunch than she would normally have. Again, she only normally gets this once or twice a week as I don’t like her to have too much bread.

Without our meal plan I feel like Erin ate too much of the same all week. I know she didn’t get as much in the way of fruit and veg as she would have normally. We were also super busy last week so this involved eating out a couple of times as well. Luckily, one of our meals out was at Giraffe so Erin could have something lovely and healthy instead of the normal fish fingers and chips.

So, this week we’re back to having a bit more routine and a bit more of a plan. We’re super busy again though and Erin’s nap times are still not regular so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Does anyone have any tips on how to stick to a healthy meal plan for a toddler when you’re really busy at not home much?


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  1. When the boys were younger I didn’t meal plan so much. They are what we ate.
    The boys did tend to eat sandwiches everyday although I mixed up so someday they had wraps other times it was deconstructed (which they loved building their own lunch)

  2. Personally I find that we need the three meals + snacks to keep Daisy on a good routine with naps and everything else. When we go out then I take Daisy snacks and meals with us, just because of the allergies. I do my meal plan on a Sunday for the week ahead and that steers us through the busy times. However, if you’re having busy times I don’t think it is bad not to have a meal plan, it is nice to be flexible and enjoy your time together. I’m sure Erin gets all that she needs even if she has less fruit or vegetables one week x

  3. I love a meal plan and am also a massive fan of batch cooking and freezing meals. I realise that this does mean a chunk of time in the house but I make use of my little early risers and while they’re watching cartoons at 6am or colouring in, I’m cooking meals for the week. I swear by it x

  4. I start the week by asking the kids what they want then after I’ve bought it all they just want cereal gggrrrrr! They have currently gone off potato and cheese which has ruined a lot of our old favourites. We are trying to save money this year by only having takeaway or eating out once a month. It’s difficult when they don’t nap, isn’t it! No time for preparation 🙁

  5. I don’t have a strict meal plan generally, but I do tend to try and always plan dinners at least. I find the same when I haven’t planned anything we end up spending more money, and not having as good/healthy meals.

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