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Since we found I was pregnant John and I cut way back on going out for meals. Since Erin being born I can count on half a hand how many meals we have been out for. In 10 months, that’s not a lot at all. Something we both love though is Italian food and we both miss going out to eat it!

When I discovered Gourmio, I was excited. Gourmio is not a food subscription box but instead are a ‘ready-to-cook recipe box’. Gourmio provide all of the ingredients needed to cook traditional Italian dishes in the comfort of your own home. This was exactly what John and I needed. I’m a bit useless at thinking of new things for us to eat and I can never be bothered with a whole load of strange ingredients. Not only do Gourmio provide everything you need to make the meals but also super simple recipe cards.

We were sent a variety of dishes from the range available online and we didn’t waste much time cooking them, with two recipes being devoured the very night it got delivered.

Patate con robiola di Roccaverano (£4.90)
Oven roasted potatoes with Roccaverano Robiola Cheese

Lasagne con radicchio, Fontina e Gorgonzola (£16.50)
Lasagne with radicchio, PDO Fontina and PDO Gorgonzola

Brasato di aletta di fassona (£15.60)
‘Ember-grilled’ Fassona beef pot roast

Crostata (£5.90)
Chef’s crostata pie with apricot

The lasagne and potatoes were really rich and creamy and these were definitely the favourites for me and John. Teamed with the pie, this made a lovely meal for us on a Friday evening! In less than an hour we’d managed to cook something delicious, different and completely hassle free. Sometimes I get quite flustered cooking something different but Gourmio made it super simple!

Initially, I thought the boxes and meals were quite expensive. However, I’ve changed my mind now. If we were to order a side, main and dessert that would cost roughly £25. For us to go out and how a meal like this would cost a lot more especially when you factor in train fares etc. The food is delicious and there was more than enough for the two of us.

You can either order one of Gourmio’s boxes that are already put together or you can build your own menu and have a variety of dishes! There’s loads to choose from and after enjoying these so much, I know we’d like the other options available.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Gourmio but all opinions are our own. 

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  1. I think for occasions when going out just isn’t practical things like this can be the saving grace. You’re right once you’ve factored in everything it doesn’t work out as expensive as you’d think x

  2. What a fabulous idea, you definitely grabbed my interest when I say it was gourmet italian food boxes, I am a huge fan of italian food. the lasagne looks delicious xx

  3. I love Italian food and I’ve never heard of these before either. All the food looks so delicious – making me hungry!

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