Helping Your Child with their Writing Skills

Helping Your Child with their Writing Skills

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Writing is the key way in which we as individuals can express ourselves, share our feelings with others and, in some ways, learn to be able to understand our own thoughts. Not to mention writing gives us the strength to work well under pressure, handle a lot of day-to-day activities and give children independence.

It’s not a skill that’s learnt overnight, but you can guide your child throughout their childhood. Thankfully, we’ve teamed up with a boarding school to give you some key advice when developing their writing abilities.

Discuss drawings, art creations, hobbies

A good way of motivating kids to write is by relating it to something they enjoy. A lot of schools use this method when they’re first teaching children about English that you can use at home all the same.

Ask them questions about their day, what they made at school, or what they were watching on TV as examples. Then they can write about these experiences in a diary or an exercise book to give them continued practice.

Read stories to them

Reading to your child sparks their inquisitiveness and curiosity as they’re trying to imagine the characters and plot that’s happening in the story. This is more effective when you’re reading a book that has no pictures inside.

After reading a section of the book with your child then ask them to write about what they learnt in a few sentences. How did they feel about a certain moment in the story? What have they understood from the story so far? Give them time to think about what they want to write.

Praise your child every time they write

When your child has written something at school or as an activity you’ve suggested, make sure to give them plenty of compliments of their work. They’ll definitely be more enticed to write more for you if you show them how happy it makes you each time.

Write things together

There are a lot of little things we end up needing to write on a pad quickly, for pleasure or for other more specific reasons. When you have to do those things then encourage your child to write with you at the same time.

Over time your child will learn about what you’re writing about, from shopping lists to important to-dos written on a notepad. Even the little things can make a difference to your child’s writing ability.

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