Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines

Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines is the 8th book in the Sea Breeze series. 

Six years ago everything changed. Dewayne Falco’s brother, Sienna Roy’s boyfriend died after wrapping his car around a tree. Since then nothing has ever been the same. Sienna went away with everyone thinking she was mentally unstable but that wasn’t the real reason. Dewayne has always felt like he’s lived in the shadow of his brother Dustin in more ways than one. Dustin was always the better brother and he also had the girl Dewayne couldn’t stop thinking about. 

Dewayne never expected to see Sienna again so when she moves back across the road to say he’s shocked in an understatement. Sienna isn’t alone but Dewayne can’t help but feel for her everything that he did six years ago. 

Hold on Tight was the fourth Abbi Glines book that I read in the space of a week after my really long break from reading and blogging. Her books are so addictive so reading one after another was great. 

This book is a great example of preconceptions about a character and then your mind being changed. Dewayne Falco has always come across as a bit rude, up himself and without a filter in the previous books in this series. I won’t say that I haven’t liked him before but he hasn’t been someone I’ve cared to know a whole lot more about. I was quick to change my mind about him though. He’s such a sweet and caring person and you would never have guessed it from the other books that he has popped up in. 

Sienna is the main female character in this book but unfortunately I neither loved or hated her. I guess you can say my feelings for her were neutral. I found her a little boring if I’m honest. However, I did love her story. Dustin Falco was her high school boyfriend but you could tell that she always had feelings for Dewayne too but could never act on them. When Dustin died she was left pregnant and was sent away by her parents. No one back at home knew about her son Micah so it was a shock to everyone when she moved back, especially the Falco family. The girl has had to deal with a lot on her own but her love for Micah shines through which was wonderful to read. 

What I missed from this book was the all consuming passion between Sienna and Dewayne. Don’t get me wrong, they had chemistry for sure but it wasn’t nearly as good or as hot as with other characters that Abbi Glines has written. There were some quite different scenes in this book but not completely believable. Some things that happen seemed to go against what the character’s personalities and how they normally act so it wasn’t totally believable for me. 

Normally if I’m a bit unsure of an Abbi Glines book it’s the plot that hasn’t done it for me but this time it was the romance which was a first! I guess I’m just used to her writing being a bit more ‘something’ (can’t quite put a word to it) than it was in this book. I certainly didn’t dislike it but it was a bit of a come down compared to the last three of hers that I have read. 

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