Holidaying In The UK With Pets & Babies

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Let’s face it – when you used to plan holidays pre-babies and pre-pets, the world was your oyster. You just probably didn’t realise it until the chance to get out and fly got a whole lot harder. When other things come along that require your attention – namely little humans – you sort of lose the luxury of being able to pick anywhere on a map that you want to go. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t so much waiting for you to be explored that’s already on your doorstep, that is available for you to take both dogs and children to with ease. So where’s best to go this summer?

Think Beach

The UK’s coastline offers some of the most beautiful scenery, and the different types of beaches, from rocky to sandy, are able to appeal to everybody. If you are taking a dog with you, make sure that you check out whether the beach is dog-friendly before you go there, or what seasons they allow dogs to run free. This is usually restricted to summer, but there are some coasts which are open all seasons. If you are taking a young dog, it is best to go to puppy training classes before you set off to another part of the country that may be unfamiliar to you, especially when near water; recall is of the utmost importance when you’re in this situation, and there is a certain protocol that you will have to abide by. A great coastal place to visit is Seahouses in Northumbria; close to the Scottish border, this is a small town that is a couple of minute’s drive away from the flora & fauna-filled Farne Islands, where you get the chance to go on boat rides to see seals, puffins and a whole host of other animals. It’s fantastic for something to do to keep kids occupied.

Think Countryside

The rise of glamping means that now is better than ever to take your kids on a camping trip; you no longer have to make do with a small, cold and flimsy tent, but can instead hire a bell tent with a stove in to keep you warm throughout the night. There are so many dog-friendly campsites available that we are quite spoiled for choice. The Lake District offers some brilliant walks to go on; if you have a young child or baby that can’t walk very far, it’s best that you get a sling or carrier to be able to make the walking journeys in relative comfort.

Think Magic

When you have young children, you still want to be able to capture their imagination – and this shouldn’t stop when you go on holiday. If you are a member of the National Trust, you will be able to visit historic sites all over the UK which were once home to Kings and Queens of yesteryear. These huge castles often offer huge grounds which you are able to walk dogs in, with a lot of events going on over the summer. Check out the websites to see which are close to you and which ones you would make the trip further afield for.

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