Home Office Wishlist

Home Office Wishlist

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I love having my own little corner of the house to work in. Okay, it’s a bit bigger than a small corner as I have a huge Ikea Alex/ Linnmon desk that takes up a big space and I also have a couple of storage units next to and behind the desk. However, my office is far from perfect and there’s loads more I would do with it if I could like moving the cat’s huge scratching post/ house somewhere else! That aside, I do have a bit of a home office wishlist going on right now!

I am a big believer in planning and I have always been an organised type of person. At the back of my home office I have quite a lot of spare wall space (well, I would if the cat scratcher wasn’t there) and I haven’t known what to do with it. While I have plenty of organisers and notebooks, I like to be able to write things where they stand out and I also need somewhere to keep important information such as brand emails or compliment slips that have arrived with products.

I am so in love with these gorgeous bulletin pin boards by Teacherboards.co.uk. The colours are really different and I’ve never seen anything like them before. They come in 10 different colours and also a range of sizes so there’s something for everyone’s needs. I would have a hard time choosing between the green and the grey. I really like them both! Something like this would really help to brighten up my office, which is a bit dark and boring at the moment.

As I said, I would also really like somewhere to write things as well but whiteboards can be a bit boring! I love these coloured glassboards and the grey option would really match my blog theme (and the grey pin board)!

The end of my desk is usually where I take the majority of my photos for blog posts if I’m taking about products. I use Capture by Lucy backdrops as my background but so far I only have 1. I have foam boards all ready for when I get more backdrops so I can create walls and not only have to do flat lay photos. When I do finally buy another one, I will have a really hard time choosing as there are so many I like the look of.

Home Office Wishlist

Something I really want more than anything is a bit of colour. We have been hoping to get the living room painted for quite some time but other things have had to come first. Just before Christmas I must have had about 10 paint samples on the wall which I then painted over because they were driving me mad! I think I have finally decided on a colour but now we just have to wait for some time and money!I think adding a bit of colour to my office would make a world of difference, whether that be with paint or notice boards! If you could add something to your home office, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!


Home Office Wishlist

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