How to Keep Your Home Cosy and Inviting

A cozy home is a happy home, and there are few things better than coming back to your warm, comforting, and welcoming space, no matter what you’ve been up to all day.  

Of course, this can be a little more challenging in real life when nothing runs as neatly as you might hope, with kids, pets, and all the other daily distractions that can threaten to burst your bubble of dreamy coziness!

However, it isn’t impossible to create a space that feels relaxing, without needing to put in tons of extra effort. Here are a few simple ways you can help make your house feel more like a cozy home.

Choose warmer shades of colour

The colors you have around your home can make a huge impact on how welcoming a space feels, and if you want to make a change, then giving your house a new paint job can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it.

This year, rich jewel tones are bang on-trend, and they’re also a great way of adding some warmth and coziness to a room. Look out for light shades of yellow or pale ochre hues for main walls, and add small, bright accents in complementing colours to enhance the warm feeling.

Creating a warm space doesn’t just mean blanketing your house in all the shades of the sun; however – other colours, such as reds and pinks and soft earthy tones of green and brown, also work just as well to add extra warmth to your home. 

Pick more inviting furnishing

The ultimate feeling of coziness is when you feel tempted to sink into space and never want to leave.

To create this feeling in your home, don’t hesitate to layer up with all the soft, welcoming textures and soft furnishings. Grey is an ideal colour choice for blankets, cushions, and throws. While it might have a reputation for being a little unemotional and dull, it’s also the most comforting and soothing tone around. Look for tactile fabrics and textures that lure you into sinking in.

Think about adding a wood-burning stove

A wood-burning stove might be the ultimate in coziness, with its image of a traditional roaring fire in the corner of the living room, providing the perfect place to gather around while the light flickers around you. 

Before installing, you do need to consider practical issues, such as making sure that you have appropriate ventilation. It is also crucial that you and your family take care when using the wood-burning stove as the risk of a fire is increased compared to a  gas or electric stove, especially if it hasn’t been installed correctly. If this is the case, and you find yourself with a fire, the damage caused to your home can be extensive, not to mention emotional. So make sure to get in touch with a fire and smoke damage company that can clean up and restore your home to its former glory, as soon as possible.  

However, once you’ve ticked off those practical boxes, there are lots of things to enjoy.

As well as being a very practical and efficient way to heat your home, they’re also a lot more energy and cost-efficient, allowing you to cut back on your bills. Most of all, though, nothing beats the feeling of a glowing fire bathing you in warmth and the soft sound of crackling wood in the stove.

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