How To Look After Your Gut Health This Christmas

How To Look After Your Gut Health This Christmas

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As a nation it would seem that we can go overboard when it comes to Christmas. This might be in how much we spend on presents, how many times we go for a night out or maybe it’s how much we eat. I will be the first to admit that, as a family, we most certainly over indulge when it comes to food. Last year we had family stay over Christmas and our house was so full of food that we still had loads left over into the New Year.

Supermarkets and adverts are primed to make us spend more over the Christmas period. There are offers on every week from September in some shops and every other advert on television is something to do with food or drink in one way or another. There’s no wonder we buy more food and drink then we could ever need for Christmas and then feel like we have to eat it all or it will go to waste.

It’s important to think about about how to look after your gut health this Christmas, as it can be something that causes problems for a lot of people. You can find some tips below or you could also consider looking into a supplement like Total Restore so that you can have something to hand that could help – plus, if you choose to use something like a total restore discount code or coupon, gut health supplements could be a surprisingly affordable way to boost your health this holiday season.

A healthy breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and If you are going to go a bit mad over Christmas then one way to get off to a good start is to have a really healthy breakfast. To get the best start to each day over the Christmas period make sure your meal includes healthy fats, foods full of antioxidants and quality proteins.

healthy breakfast

Don’t forget your fruit and veg

Of course, tucking into that box of chocolates on Christmas morning or a delicious pudding on the evening sounds fantastic but they won’t be doing much good for your gut health. It might be Christmas but that’s no excuse to forget about eating enough fruit and veg. While we all probably have some veg with our Christmas dinner it can be easy to forget it with other meals. Smoothies with added greens such as kale, spinach or apples can really help to give you a boost! Fruit and vegetables are a great way of upping your vitamin intake but if you think you might not be getting enough then nutritional testing could be helpful. You can get 15% off at Health Labs by clicking here.

Be prepared

From my experience of being pregnant and suffering with really bad indigestion and acid reflux I know just how bad and painful it can be. These, along with bloating, could potentially ruin your Christmas this year so it is always a good idea to be prepared and have a couple of different products in your medicine cabinet.

If you’re looking to relieve symptoms if you haven’t managed to prevent them then  BioCare’s Polyzyme Forte® (Enzyme Complex) could be the product for you. This one helps to break down sugars, fats, carbs and proteins in foods. If you want to help before something goes wrong then BioCare’s Everyday BioAcidophilu is a probiotic supplement that can help regulate digestion. 

Gentle exercise

While I love having a house full of delicious snacks, chocolates and nibbles the food I most look forward to is Christmas dinner. I don’t know why really though because as there is only me, John and Erin and I don’t cook massive amounts and I treat it as any other Sunday dinner. Even though I don’t cook a necessarily bigger dinner I think we do tend to eat more out of habit which is probably why we all want a nap on the couch immediately afterwards. This year we are going to try to have Christmas dinner at lunchtime rather than later on and get out for a walk instead. Gentle exercise can help to stimulate digestion and of course, it’s always nice to get outside for some fresh air.


How To Look After Your Gut Health This Christmas

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