How to make a small kitchen feel more spacious

How to make a small kitchen feel more spacious

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Just because a kitchen space is smaller, doesn’t mean it can’t pop with a little more style and sophistication. And with the right changes, any kitchen can benefit from feeling more spacious, less cramped, and more attractive. Here are some of the most effective ways of making a small kitchen feel bigger. 

Choose one focal sink 

Smaller single kitchen sinks are perfectly fine for a small kitchen, especially with the depth and capacities of modern kitchen Smiths City appliances. If you don’t need a double sink then don’t use one just for the sake of it. 

All you really need is a clean and stylish worktop and some luxurious kitchen taps to completely redefine your sink. Not only can you hide pots and pans with ease in a single sink, but the new taps will be a key focal point for people entering the kitchen. This gives off the perception of a completely redone kitchen design with an eye-catching point of focus. 

Consider the colour scheme

Giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward ways of improving your space. But be sure to only use colours that open those spaces up, and look for pale greens and neutral shades to create a warm and serene atmosphere. 

Add mirrors in the right places 

Mirrors are used in pretty much every room to give off the illusion of more space and size. So, why not do the same in the kitchen? The trick here is to choose one wall and place a large mirror there. Your kitchen worktops and dining tables can sit beside it or you can simply let the reflection add new dimensions to the space. 

Make use of open shelves

Too many closed cupboards and shelves can feel restrictive and suffocating in a small kitchen. But with open storage, the room unlocks even more space and creates a harmonious, welcoming ambience to your kitchen. 

Try to remove some of those cabinet doors and let the contents breathe a little more. As long as the inside of them are neat and minimal, you’ll see the benefits in no time. 

Embrace minimalism 

Many people make the mistake of filling a small kitchen space with too many appliances and decorative items. This only leads to a cluttered kitchen that looks even smaller and cramped. However, embracing the style and feel of a minimalist kitchen helps to let the space breathe and highlight the room available within it.

For the shelving we mentioned above, this means ensuring they’re clutter-free and not stacked with cutlery and other items. While drawers are fine for storage, be ruthless with what you display, and only showcase what truly matters. 

Let in that natural light 

Windows that are free of blinds and shutters will bring in natural light. This illuminates the kitchen space perfectly and gives off the illusion of more space in the area it lights up. Is it simple? Yes. Is it highly effective? Yes!

All of these combined changes can completely reinvigorate your kitchen space, offering a more inviting aesthetic that’s as comforting as it is stylish. 

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