How to Make Kids Feel Special Without Spoiling Them

How to Make Kids Feel Special Without Spoiling Them

Every parent’s dream is to give their child everything they want. They want them to feel special and have the happiest childhood they can. After all, the love a parent feels drives them to give their child what they want and need to make them as happy as possible.

On the other hand, spoiling a child can hurt them in the long run. A spoiled child typically isn’t prepared to handle the world around them once they step out of the safety of the home that revolves around them that their parents have made. Spoiled children usually have more selfish tendencies than their peers as well.

So, where’s the balance? Here, we will take a look at how you can make your child feel special without spoiling them.

Listen to Them

One thing that can be frustrating to a child – and that most parents will remember about their own childhoods if they look back – is when adults don’t listen. This can make a child feel invalidated and like their opinions don’t matter to the adults around them.

To help your children, you should listen to what they have to say. All in all, just treat them like they are a person, even if you tailor things to their level of understanding and edit it to age appropriateness. When they have a problem, no matter how big or small, hear them out. Even if they have an opinion on a subject within the home, you should listen to that opinion.

With this in mind, though, you should be aware that you don’t want to give them everything they want. As a parent, you need to know when to say no. You also shouldn’t be afraid to introduce them to differing opinions. Don’t always tell them they are wrong, especially if they are voicing an opinion rather than a fact, but let them know that there are ways of thinking that differ from theirs.

Spend Time with Them

You should also take the time to spend time with your child. Family nights can go a long way in making a child feel special and loved.

One idea you could do is have a craft night with your child. This gives them a chance to make whatever they want and receive encouragement in return. You can further encourage them by personalizing their crafts by adding a tag or label with their name on it. This is, of course, because this is their creation and it should be credited as such.

You can also help your child feel loved and special by taking them out on special occasions. For example, a special dinner on their birthday or the occasional family trip to the zoo can be a great idea.

From a contrasting viewpoint, you shouldn’t take your child out every day or always let them choose where to go. You don’t want them to think that only their wishes matter or that the occasions of going to do special things are an everyday occurrence. It is important for a child to understand that while they control the situation sometimes, the choices of what the family does doesn’t revolve around the wants of the child.

Expect Manners

When you are working with and interacting with your child on a daily basis, it is important to instill manners into them. Saying “please” when they ask for something and “thank you” when they get it can go a long way. Other manners such as using “excuse me” when they pass someone are also a great thing to teach them.

In turn, though, you have to show these same manners to them. This makes them feel as though they are just as respected as anyone else, any adult they meet and just as respected as you. This will make them feel special and as an equal in your relationship with them without spoiling them to the point of making them feel more important than others or more important than you.


How to Make Kids Feel Special Without Spoiling Them

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