How to Reduce the File Size of a Large Video

How to Reduce the File Size of a Large Video

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Do you have a large video file that needs to be reduced in size? It can be frustrating, but don’t stress!

With the proper technique, you’ll be able to reduce the file size and keep the quality of your video intact. The steps are easily understandable, and with the help of a few clicks, you can ensure that your large-sized video is made smaller with no noticeable loss in video quality.

Discover how to reduce the file size of a large video now! Read on!

Preparing Your Video for Compression

Begin by ensuring the video is clean and free from unnecessary elements or large watermarks. Next, convert the video to a more supported file format such as .MP4 and trim any unneeded footage at the beginning or end of the video.

Once the video is trimmed, reduce the resolution to a suitable size, such as 1080p or lower. Depending on the video, this step can significantly reduce the file size. If further reductions in file size are needed, adjust the bitrate (quality) and remove any additional audio tracks. Disable any effects or adjust to lower qualities to reduce the file size if possible.

Exploring Different Compression Techniques

Firstly, select a video codec – typically, this should be HEVC as it offers the most efficient compression. Secondly, adjust the video data rate, resolution, and frame rate to decrease the file size while maintaining the desired video quality.

Finally, utilize an adaptive streaming procedure such as slicing or segmentation to compress the video further and optimize the delivery. With these compression techniques, videos with a much smaller file size can be created for streaming applications or offline playback.

Getting Advanced Free Video Compression Software

One of the best ways to reduce the file size of a large video is by using advanced free video compression software. This type of software makes it easier to compress and shrink a large video file to reduce its file size while still preserving as much of the original video quality as possible.

By using free video compression software, like Adobe Express video to MP4, you can quickly edit and reduce the size of your video files without losing image quality. This can save time and space when storing or transferring videos from one device to another.

Additionally, using this type of software may help speed up the process of editing videos, as it allows you to quickly edit large video files without sacrificing quality.

Performing Manual Trimming of the Video

The basic principle behind manual trimming is that any unnecessary portions of the video are removed while the remainder of the video is left intact. To perform manual trim, first, open the video in a video editing program.

Next, use the timeline feature of the program to identify the portions of the video that are not needed. Finally, delete those portions to trim the video and reduce its file size. This technique is often fast and relatively simple.

Reduce File Size of Your Video With These Easy Steps

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly reduce the file size of large videos. From downloading conversion applications to optimizing settings and compressing the file, users can decrease the size of their videos drastically.

Give it a try today and create more storage space for yourself!

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