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How to Throw the Perfect Dog Birthday Party in 4 Easy Steps

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Dogs have become surrogate children for many. Because of this, we see adult humans throwing pet birthday parties similar to the ones they would otherwise throw for children. They can be fun occasions for pet owners, but you can’t expect things to go well if you follow the same plans intended for a child’s birthday party. Here’s how to throw the perfect dog birthday party in 4 easy steps.

Dog birthday

Determine the Who, When and Where

Any party needs a guest list. Choose a few people who would enjoy being in on the event and pick a time that’s convenient for everyone. Choose a location that can accommodate multiple people and, ideally, multiple pets. You want a venue that is dog friendly, but don’t just assume that a dog-friendly location is suitable for a party. For example, a pet-friendly park may require you to reserve a pavilion to hold a pet birthday party.

Once you have all of this lined up, you can create invitations for the party. You can find free flyer templates online to share with invitees. Some can also be customised online with minimal effort on your part.

Plan on Minimising the Risk of Conflict

You can minimise the risk of problems occurring by introducing the pet to the people and animals that may be present. This isn’t an issue when you’re getting littermates or an obedience class together. This could be a problem if inviting over neighbours or friends along with their pets. Plan dog introductions in front of the house to minimise territorial conflicts. If you’re concerned about behaviour, tell the owners they need to stick around for the party instead of dropping off the animal for several hours.

If you want to include children in the event, ensure that there is adequate supervision for both pets and kids. Also, plan the layout so that pets and children that don’t get along can be safely separated. This could affect where you hold the event or the setup of equipment at the event. 

Get a Dog Friendly Birthday Cake

While your dog may try to eat human sweets, this isn’t good for them. This means you can’t give them a human birthday cake. You could whip up a dog friendly birthday cake, or you could give the dogs “birthday cake” themed dog treats. Just be careful about dietary restrictions that various pets may have. You can give the humans their own treats as well though!

Plan for the Pets’ Needs

You need to plan for all of the pets’ needs, if you want things to go well. Set up bowls of water, and provide poop bags and a place to properly dispose of them. It would be a good idea to schedule mini-breaks so all the dogs can do their business and return. Then owners don’t have to worry about missing the good stuff.

Plan at least one dog friendly activity – ideally something that multiple dogs can participate in. One possibility is a doggy ball pit. It could be a classic ball pit, or it could be a hundred tennis balls dumped out in a contained dog area. Another option is a dog obstacle course. This is a great choice for obedience school graduates. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; just create some tunnels and jumps.

Pet parties can be fun for everyone involved. Follow our tips to make the most of the event and avoid common mishaps.

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