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How to travel and create an income at the same time

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I think I went on my first ever trip when I was about 18 and it was to Benidorm with my boyfriend at the time. I remember loving the feeling of going on holiday independently and being able to have an adventure. That feeling is still there every time I book a trip away whether that be in the UK or abroad.

Over the years travel has become harder. Marriage, a mortgage and a child has meant that we’re no longer free to go away whenever we want and cost is a huge factor in what we do as well. Now that Erin is in Infant School we are stuck with going away on weekends or during the school holidays. Of course, we do have the option of taking Erin out of school during term time but then we risk getting a fine and I’d really rather she didn’t miss any of her education.

There are quite a few factors now that mean our travels are more expensive than they once were. Some things we have to think about now is the quality of accommodation we stay in, how long we go for and how much anything we want to do is going to cost once we get there. Sometimes to costs can seem never-ending.

If, like us, you look for ways to help find your love of travel then there are things that you can do to help. Something that you might not have considered before is renting out your own property while you’re away and earning yourself some income. You might also think that this is quite a daunting thing to do especially if you have no experience with it or know where to start.

If renting out your property to get some extra income while you’re away sounds great but you really don’t want to do it all yourself then you could bring in an Airbnb management company to help you out. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone is staying in your home while you’re away and that a company is taking care of pretty much everything for you.

You will want to make sure that you look for a company who can make renting your home as an Airbnb location as easy as possible and that could mean that you use somewhere local such as Airbnb management services in Edinburgh, for example. Having somewhere local Services offered could include professional photography of your property to make it look as nice as possible, someone to manage your listing, guest management and communication. Imagine letting out your home and not having to think about things like toiletries for your guests, what happens when they check in and then again when they leave and even if something happens during their stay.

Of course, an Airbnb management company charges a fee for all of these amazing services but they also make it so that you can generate some income while your home isn’t being used and they take care of all of the big stuff. You could even put aside you income from being an Airbnb host to save up for your dream holiday or your next big adventure.


How to travel and create an income at the same time

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