I miss my blog

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here, let alone anything bookish. Life has been hectic and reading hasn’t been something I have done a lot of. Actually, that’s a lie. I haven’t done any reading. Not for months and months. I got myself into a bit of a slump and never really managed to recover. 

When I saw Kirsty from The Overflowing Library a couple of weeks ago though to see the hilarious Knightmare Live at the theatre she gave me a few books she thought I would like which she actually nicked from Sarah at Feeling Fictional. One of the books I picked up ready to start reading in the bath on my day off from work and that was Come Back to Me by Mila Grey. I actually stayed in the bath until it was cold because I was enjoying it so much. I finished that book not long after I got out of the bath. 

I think I realised part of my problem. I sort of got bored with young adult books. After reading a good amount of new adult novels last year I have realised that I much prefer these now and maybe that’s why I didn’t feel like reading much. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t not read young adult books but I do like contemporary stories more. I think I’ve gone off everything else… at the minute anyway. 

So, I’m not saying I’m back blogging like I used to because there is no way I’ll ever manage 5 posts a week with how busy I am now. I am saying that I am back but posting as and when I manage to read. I don’t know how often this will be but here I am… again. 

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