I want to read…

Do you ever go through a phase of wanting to read something pretty specific and not even knowing if that sort of thing actually exists?

The other day I got it into my head that I wanted to read either a NA or YA contemporary novel set in Toronto. This probably comes from living there for a while and wanting to go back for a visit but also because I have never seen or heard about anything set there. I don’t know why. It’s a pretty exciting place. There are a fair few books set in Paris for example and understandably so. There are loads set in various places in America. The same with the UK. Why no Canada? It’s not even just Toronto but Canada in general it seems. 

This is like when you go shopping with a particular item of clothing in mind and then scour the shops for hours only to find it doesn’t actually exist. Only, it’s easier in shops because you can actually look around and see that what you want doesn’t exist. Trying to find a book set in a particular place isn’t that easy if there aren’t loads of books already like that. Urgh.

Do you ever get something like this into your head? This is the first time I’ve ever really wanted to read something that I don’t think exists. 

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