Is It Possible To Avoid Getting Sick?

Is It Possible To Avoid Getting Sick?

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The obvious answer to the question posed in the title is “no,” of course, it’s not possible to avoid getting sick. Everyone eventually succumbs to some sort of disease. 

But what’s strange about the literature on this is that there seems to be a group of people who rarely, if ever, get ill, even during the winter. They have some sort of immunity that seems to protect them from their hostile environment, making it less likely that they will get colds, flu, or other infections. 

As a side note, the answer to the above question depends on the type of illness. Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to avoid getting sick because the body can’t defend against a particularly invasive pathogen or genetically-determined disease. New bacteria, for instance, are much more likely to infect people because they don’t have any pre-existing immunity.

With that said, there are some techniques you can use to avoid getting sick (or seriously ill) that could make your life significantly better. Here’s what you need to know:-

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands frequently with soap and water, for instance, is an excellent way to prevent the spread of bacteria from your hands to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Killing them at the source should mean you can touch your face with minimal risk. 

Make sure you use soap when washing your hands. It kills virtually all germs on contact, particularly if you scrub and create friction. 

Get Vaccinated

Another great technique is to get vaccinated through your health insurance plan. The more safe vaccines you have, the less likely you are to come down with a serious condition, like measles or rabies. While these diseases sound extreme, they are becoming slightly more common because of reduced herd immunity. Future outbreaks could be substantial, which would put you at risk of becoming severely ill. 

Avoid Contact With Sick People

You can also try avoiding contact with sick people. If your friend tells you that they have the sniffles but invites you over to their home, reschedule for the following week. Most people are only infectious for a short period, so you might only have to wait a couple of days until it is safe. 

Eating A Sustainable And Balanced Diet

Avoiding getting sick long-term is also something you can do by eating a balanced diet you can stick to. What you eat is the most powerful predictor of your long-term health, thanks to the numerous effects it has on your body and metabolism. Diet is a powerful protective agent for people who don’t want to get sick with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Eating the right foods consistently over many years reduces the risk of many chronic diseases that affect people in later life. 

Eating well also slashes the risk of coming down with infectious diseases. Better immune system function means that many infections clear up before they generate symptoms.

In summary, some people can go a decade without getting sick. However, it requires the right approach. Be smart and sensible to avoid disease.

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