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When it comes to jewellery, I am super picky. Up until very recently I only ever wore my engagement and wedding rings and a necklace with Erin’s fingerprint on it. Then I kept seeing JORD Wood Watches all over Instagram and I fell in love. When they got in touch and asked if I’d like to review one, I jumped at the chance.

I chose a stunning watch from the women’s range of watches in Zebrawood and Navy. It comes from the Frankie 35 Series. I have a bit of a thing about navy so as soon as I saw this, I knew that it was the watch for me.

Jord are based in the US but they do offer free worldwide shipping, which is obviously fantastic for us over here in the UK. The shipping is also pretty quick and I was impressed that I wasn’t waiting weeks and weeks. Jord Wood Watches also come beautifully packaged. The wooden box and tweed pillow fit the style of the watch perfectly and I think should anyone open this as a gift, they would be incredibly impressed.

As you can see from the pictures, my Jord Wood Watch fits perfectly. When ordering a watch you have the opportunity to have it sized to fit you, or the person you’re buying it for. My watch initially came unsized and I think it would have fit a giant. However, Jord were extremely good at getting this sorted for me after I had some troubles with my local jewellers who wouldn’t resize it.

I am so in love with my watch. I’m always busy, being out and about with Erin and my phone gets lost in her changing bag. Actually wearing a watch keeps me on track and on time and this one in particular is perfectly suited for me.

I know John would absolutely love one of the men’s watches as well. I was in two minds whether or not to get him one instead of me for this review but he wasn’t quite so lucky this time around. However, I do have my eye on one for him for Father’s Day maybe.

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  1. I have this exact watch and I love it. It’s so tasteful and really elegant. I have been wearing it a lot this season. x

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