Looking After Your Dog Despite a Busy Schedule

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Sometimes having a busy schedule is just unavoidable. Whether it be work commitments, family commitments or a mix of the two, schedules are now, more often than not, busy. And, you can probably agree to the fact that your own schedule is not as easy or as free as it once was, can’t you? But, just because your schedule is busy, why should that mean you aren’t allowed a dog in your life when you really want one? Yes, you can look after that dog of yours whilst still retaining your busy schedule — you just have to take heed of the advice below in order to do it.


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Create a dog-caring routine around your schedule, and stick to it

No matter how much time you have on your hands, you need to create a routine for your dog in which he or she is cared for and tended to. Whether this means providing them with an hour’s worth of your time or half a day’s worth of your time, just make sure they are provided with some of your time. And, make sure that this time comes at the same time day in, day out. By doing this you will make the whole situation, no matter how ideal it is, as safe and as stable for your dog as possible. You will do so because, when a routine is in place, your dog will know what to expect and when to expect it, meaning they will never begin to feel neglected when they are without you.

So, set up feeding, walking and playing routines with your dog with the time you can in your day, no matter how long this time is, and make sure you stick to them!

Make sure your dog’s necessities are tended to no matter what

Simply, if your schedule is busy to the extent that your dog’s absolute necessities, such as its need to eat and drink and its need to exercise, are not being met then you either need to think twice about owning a dog or you need to accept any help that may be on offer to you.

If you have got the time in your day to ensure that your dog is eating, drinking and exercising throughout the day, which could mean coming home to tend to them on your lunch break, then make sure you are doing so. Or, if you feel like you need to ask for help — which could even mean paying dog tending services, such as a professional dog walking team, to tend to your dog whilst you away from them — then make sure you are doing so. Simply, no matter how busy you are, your dog’s necessities need to be tended to — if they aren’t, then who knows what might happen.

Get your dog a playmate

If you are away from your home for extensive parts of the day, and thus you leave your dog at home by his or herself, then they are very likely to feel pangs of loneliness at some point throughout the day. As sad as this is, it’s true. But, you can fight these pangs by simply getting your dog a playmate.

Now, this could mean doing one of two things. First of all, it could mean asking a friend of yours to sit with your dog throughout the day — somebody without a job, perhaps, such as a retiree that you know. By doing this you will be able to be sure that your dog will have the human interaction that they need to combat the loneliness that they feel when you are gone; if you are worried about your dog getting on with this friend of yours then take the solace in the fact that your dog did not even know you once upon a time, but that doesn’t stop them loving you now. Or, if you do not have any suitable human friends, or your dog just does not take to the human companion you offered them, then consider getting yourself another dog. Now, yes, this might seem like the last thing somebody who doesn’t have enough time in their day to even tend to one dog should be doing, but providing your dog with another to play with will beat their loneliness like nothing else. It will do so because it will keep occupied throughout the hours of loneliness that you being away from home subjects them to. Just, make sure the room in which you keep your dogs throughout the day is safeguarded and there is nothing in there that can be broken easily!

Exercise all that pent up energy away whenever you can

If your dog is particularly misbehaved then you should focus on getting them as much exercise as your tight schedule will allow. You should do so because when a dog is allowed the freedom to focus their energies on physical activity their behaviour improves twofold, and when their behaviour improves so will their ability to be able to go hours on end without seeing you. So, make sure your dog is getting as much exercise as possible! Whether this means getting up earlier yourself to take your dog on a walk in the morning. Whether this means forgoing time for yourself at night and taking them for a walk then. Whether this means getting them something to play with during their hours of solitude. Or whether this means ensiling the services of an aforementioned dog walker. Whatever you do and whatever your schedule, just make sure your dog is focusing all of its pent up energy on exercise — both you and your dog will benefit from doing so.

So, there you have it, stonewall evidence that you can be a loving dog owner whilst living an extremely busy life. When seeking to accommodate your dog into your schedule, however, just know that the venture requires a lot of hard work and thinking on your part. But, your dog is worth it, right?

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