Looking for a natural energy boost? Read this first!

Looking for a natural energy boost? Read this first!

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Feeling low on energy, lethargic and drained when you’re a parent certainly feels like the norm. So the logical way to give ourselves a much needed boost of energy throughout the day seems to be things like regular caffeine hits, vitamins, supplements and even energy drinks…But did you know that there are plenty of natural ways to boost your energy levels without causing an imbalance in your body? Watching this Morning Complete review might give you an idea of how to get your body feeling normal again. 

It’s true! Don’t get me wrong, hiding your tiredness with flawless makeup and a regularly applied eye cream – check out this link for your guide to buying the ideal eye cream – is a common practise for busy mums who are lacking in sleep. But if there are ways to boost your energy levels without wearing your concealer stick out within a week, wouldn’t you want to try them? 

To get you started, here you’ll find 4 ways you can boost your energy levels naturally. Give them a go and see how you feel in a few weeks!

Be smart with your nutrition

Most mums, business women and people on the go are familiar with things like energy or breakfast bars. And you’ll probably find them crammed into desk drawers and at the bottom of baby bags. Why do we buy them? Because we think that the calories they contain will give us a much needed energy boost.

But if you choose your meals carefully and pack them full of vitamins and minerals then you’ll discover that your energy levels won’t dip as the day goes on. So instead of adding more calories to your diet – keep an eye out for nutrients like omega 3, iron, vitamin D and zinc. Pack your meals with fruit, veg and plenty of leafy greens!

Go outside

I know, the idea of pulling on your shoes and heading out of the door isn’t exactly tempting, especially when you feel like you want to conserve your energy but spending time outdoors is good for you. With benefits ranging from natural light raising those feel good endorphins, to helping reduce your stress levels – with stress being a major contributor to fatigue – try to factor in a ten minute period outdoors every day.

Period fatigue

Mood swings, pain, inconvenience and of course fatigue – there’s literally nothing to look forward to about your period. If you’re struggling with your energy levels during your time of the month then try to eat small, frequent meals that are packed full of vitamins and high in protein. This should help to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Drink water

We all need it to survive – but we all seemingly struggle to drink the stuff. Water is liquid life and also liquid energy. If you’re feeling sluggish, treat your body to a nice glass of water and you’ll feel yourself waking up. If you’re likely to struggle with a glass then add some low sugar fruit juice, or slices of the real stuff. Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go by investing in a gorgeous new reusable bottle.


Looking for a natural energy boost? Read this first!

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