Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Nicole Williams
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: CreateSpace 

For years Rowen Sterling was a trouble maker but her mother has had enough. Before she’ll agree to pay for Rowen to go to the art school of her dreams she must stay on a ranch for the summer and prove she can work hard and stay out of trouble. 

Rowen is a city girl through and through and is far from ready for country life, let alone ready for Jesse Walker. 

I had read Nicole Williams’ new adult Crash series a year or so ago and loved them. When I was trying to find new books to buy this one came up in a search and as it had her name on it, I bought it instantly. 

Lost and Found is very different from the Crash series and I loved that. I didn’t know what to expect from one this. 

Rowen was a great protagonist from the start. She is clearly a bit troubled, has a bit of a wild side and does not want to leave the city, especially on a Greyhound bus. It’s even worse for her because she’s been shipped off to help on her mother’s friend’s ranch for the whole summer in the middle of nowhere. Even from stepping off the bus she knows she’s out of her depth and stands out like a sore thumb. I liked Rowen. Although she is so full of angst and pain, she is funny and determined. 

Jesse Walker is there to meet Rowen off the bus and he couldn’t be more of a stereotypical cowboy in her eyes. Even so, she cannot help but notice how amazingly hot he is in his skin tight jeans. He gives as good as he gets from the very beginning and won’t take any sass from Rowen. In fact, he sees the banter as a way to flirt with her. Honestly, Jesse was adorable and I loved him. When Rowen put up walls and pushed him away, he did everything he could to show her he wasn’t going anywhere. 

The plot for this book is really all about Rowen’s character developing and realising that she doesn’t have to act in the way that her mother expects. Jesse manages to teach Rowen that being herself is just fine and that she doesn’t have to change for anyone or be anything that others expect. Rowen has also built up a lot of defensive walls before meeting Jesse and I loved watching them slowly come down. 

Lost and Found isn’t just a romance story though. Nicole Williams adds in some quite exciting situations along with fantastic back stories for both Rowen and Jesse. This book has some darker elements throughout but they’re not over done or too much at any point. Speaking of too much; as a new adult novel there are sexual themes throughout. Once again though they are done in a tasteful manner without too much being given away. 

I actually liked Lost and Found more than the Crash series so I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book now. 

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