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Does anyone else struggle when it comes to gift ideas for their other halves? John’s birthday is just a couple of weeks away now but Father’s Day wasn’t that long ago which means he had some presents quite recently so thinking of great gifts for him sometimes isn’t very easy. I’ve tried to come up with some ideas for gifts to suit a range of tastes. This could be anything from chocolate to personalized bobblehead dolls or clothes such as the Punkrave’s Punk style Jackets, to being able to find about more about your ancestry! YODA chocolate card

Of course, if it’s someone’s birthday the first thing to think about is a birthday card. I don’t really like boring, run of the mill birthday cards though because chances are, they get thrown in the bin after a week or so. I recently discovered, where you can buy cards from loads of different designers, illustrators and photographers. These cards are fun, different and you are bound to find something for the person you’re looking for.

Thortful don’t only sell regular cards but they also offer a range of gift cards. These cards include things like notebooks, socks, chocolates or even cake! I opted for a Yoda design chocolate selection card for John which included 12 mini chocolate bars for £10.99 (+P&P). I’ll definitely be ordering from Thortful again because it makes sending a card and giving a gift at the same time super easy!

PACE 6 Razors by Dorco

If the men in your life like a nice clean shave then the PACE 6 by Dorco is worth thinking about. This one costs £7.99 and you’ll get the handle and 2 blades but you can also get the Dorco PACE 6 Plus Shave Gel Kit for £15.78 which includes four refill cartridges.

Dorco is actually a razor subscription service so you can pay only £1 for your 1st month, and £3.90 for monthly blade replacements thereafter. I really like that this is a subscription service with a difference and if you buy it as a gift, it’s something that can last all year without costing a fortune. I know my husband would likely forget to buy the replacements so this would make things a lot easier for him as well.

Sebamed For Men After Shave Balm

After using their brand new razor the person you’re buying a gift for might need some after shave balm and this one from Sebamed For Men is lovely and only costs £5.95. Sebamed For Men After Shave Balm has natural ingredients which help to sooth irritated skin and relieve itchiness from shaving. This after shave balm is suitable for normally, slightly dry or slightly oily skin on the face and neck.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Pizza

John is a bit of a chocolate monster so as soon as I saw this Happy Birthday Chocolate Pizza from Find Me A Gift I knew he would love it. This costs £12.99 and has a Belgian milk chocolate pizza base with toppings such as milk & white chocolate coated honeycomb balls, vanilla fudge and finished off with milk chocolate curls. This chocolate pizza can last a whole 9 months (not   a chance in our house) so you can buy in advance and put away for a while if you need to. This is a great alternative to a birthday cake and great if you need to send something in the post.

Sometimes in the morning John will leave for work without having had a hot cup of tea. Some mornings Erin wakes up at close to 4am and keeps him very busy until I get up at about 6:45. I often find cups of tea he has made on the kitchen counter after he’s gone to work but they’re cold and still nearly full. If the person you’re buying for sounds a lot like John then maybe a travel cup would make a good gift for them. John now has the Star Wars Storm Trooper EP7 from Find Me A Gift. Stars Wars is obviously a really popular franchise and this mug for £10.99 is a great price and sure to popular.

Something John has been really interested in for a long time is genealogy and he has wanted to know where he comes from for as long as I’ve known him, probably longer. Living DNA offer a simple swab kit with state of the art testing for £99 and there is also the option to add a printed Personalised Ancestry Book for an additional £39.

The kit is really easy to use as all you need to do is activate the kit and answer a few simple questions about yourself and family members. You can then use the mouth swab and send it off in the post in the envelope included. It only takes a couple of minutes to do and then you’ll have a 10-12 week wait to get your results, which you can view online or in the book if you decide to purchase that too. I cannot tell you how excited John is about getting his results.

If you’re looking for something really special as a gift this year then this would really be amazing and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever given John in the past.

We have been having some absolutely gorgeous weather this summer and what better than to spend it chilling in the garden? John works hard and works 6 days a week a lot of the time. Sometimes, all he wants to do is put his feet up with a nice drink so the Pail of Ale from Best of British Beer would make a great gift for John. For £24.95 you get an ice bucket (colours may vary) and 5 craft beers. John loves to try new beers and with this gift, he gets a bit of a mix. The ice bucket is reusable so it would be perfect to use while having a BBQ in the garden!

Dobell Navy Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper

I’m not sure about other people’s husbands but John really loves getting new clothes as presents. Clothes aren’t something we spent a lot of money on throughout the year so it’s really nice to get something on a birthday or at Christmas. I know it might be warm at the moment but autumn will soon be here and this Navy Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper from Dobell will be great for the chillier days. This jumper comes in a couple of different colours but I think navy goes with most things so it’s easy to throw on with a pair of jeans, with or without a t-shirt underneath.

Daddy Bear and Little Bear T-Shirts

As soon as I saw these Daddy Bear and Little Bear T-Shirts from Able Labels I fell in love. A lot of people would maybe look at John and think he wasn’t the twinning type but he loves this set as much as I do. In fact, I’m a little jealous I don’t have a Mummy Bear t-shirt to match them both. These t-shirts are available in a few different colours and various sizes and you can even have your names printed on them as well if you like. Adult t-shirts are £12.50 while the children’s t-shirts are £7.50 so they’re really reasonably priced!

I’d love to know what your favourite gift idea is from this list! Let me know in the comments!

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