Morning Workouts – The Race Against Time

You wouldn’t think it to look at me but I am addicted to exercise, and to food (which you would think if you looked at me!). I need to be doing one of the two and if I am not doing one then I crave the other.

I have found that becoming a father has made me lazy and I tend to do more of the latter than the former. I tell myself that it is because I work 5-6 days a week and don’t have the time, but I have friends who have more children than me, and much busier lives, who somehow manage to stay fit as well. Clearly I am just making excuses.

When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I want to do is exercise. I have a set of dumbbells in one of our spare rooms that I like to use and I have devised a 30 minute workout with them that wipes me out. Doing this first thing in the morning really wakes me up and sets me up well for the day.

Before I go on, I should just briefly explain how Lyndsey and I divide up our day parenting wise. On a week day, or a day where I am working, we divide our day up into 12 hours shifts. I don’t remember us ever discussing doing this but it happened nonetheless. I am a naturally early riser and wake up full of energy and as happy as if someone just injected me with adrenaline. Lyndsey is not so good with mornings but she likes to stay up late, and because I am at work during the day she is at home with Erin. What tends to happen is that Lyndsey is with Erin from 7am until 7pm, then I do 7pm until 7am. Admittedly Erin is asleep for most of my shift but I put her to bed, take care of any night time screaming sessions and then get up with her in the morning. At the weekends it is great because Lyndsey can have a lie in and Erin and I have some Daddy/Daughter time (which generally involves making a mess).

When it comes to the morning workouts it is touch and go as to whether I’ll be able to finish it before Erin wake up. Sometimes she wakes up before I do and so there is no chance of a workout. Other times I will have put one finger on one of the weights and she immediately wakes up – it is like she knows! Other times, such as the morning I am writing this post, I have finished the workout, come downstairs, got washed, dressed, made a cup of tea, written this post, and she is still not awake!


How do you fit exercise around your parenting responsibilities? I would love to hear your ideas!



11 thoughts on “Morning Workouts – The Race Against Time”

  1. I think trying to workout before the kids wake up is a great idea. I guess fitting it in is all about how old your kids are and what your daily routine is. My two are at school now which of course opens up additional opportunities of time. Evening workouts are usually harder to muster up the energy for but whatever works, routine is key!

  2. I have to admit I’m more like Lyndsey. I’m not a morning person at all. Thankfully hubby is more so when it comes to our son being up earlier than I’d like

  3. I managed to get in to a good routine last year and do a 20 minute workout each morning. But somehow it’s fallen by the way side. Must try to get back to it.

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