Moving House With Children Over Half Term

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Moving home can be such a stressful time, no matter when you do it. With half term coming up next week it made me think about what it would be like to move house while having the children at home instead of being busy at school. Here are some tips for making a move over half term easier:

Holiday clubs

If you think that your children will either get annoyed or stressed in the middle of a house move then holiday clubs would be a great choice if you have one available to you.

A lot of schools now have holiday clubs for children up to a certain age. A couple where I live go up to age 7 and some run from 8am until 6pm! The great thing about holiday clubs at schools is that your children are able to spend time with teachers they already know as well as hopefully some of their friends.

Our local sports centre also runs some great activities during the school holidays and these start for children age 4+. Sometimes there are full days of activities and sometimes there are things on only for a couple of hours. These kinds of holiday clubs are a great way to keep your children occupied while you’re moving while hopefully learning something new at the same time.


If your children are old enough, and happy enough to, then the might enjoy a sleepover with their friends while you sort things out for the big move. Of course, this means asking for some help from other parents and this might not always be possible to do.

On the flip side, once you have moved it would be loads of fun to make a den in your child’s new room, let friends sleep over and have a super relaxed pizza night before you get to unpacking everything!

Removal companies

One of the easiest ways to take a lot of the stress out of moving house during half term is to hire a removal company. Instead of taking days, or even weeks, packing up all of your belongings a removal company could do this in a much shorter time for you. Not only will it mean that you don’t have to do it yourself but you can also have peace of mind that everything packed safely. Depending on your needs and location, this cheap removal company in London could be a good option for you.

Pack in advance

You might not have the option of using some of the previous suggestions in this post. If you find yourself with no childcare options and unable to use a removal service then I suggest doing as much as you possibly can in advance. The week before half term make the most of the hours where the children are at school (if you can) or while they are asleep and pack as much as you can. This will save a lot of time during the half term week and it will mean you are able to spend more time with your children doing something fun instead.

There’s no reason why moving house over half term has to be a really stressful situation. If you plan ahead and cover all of your bases you could end up with a smooth move and with free time to have days out! 


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